Beach Life


The beach is beautiful. Really, I love it! But sharing a hotel room with your family kind of sucks.

We have a kitchen in our hotel room, which kind of rocks. It’s tiny and adorable.


And while it feels a little run down, the people are friendly. There are people living in this hotel and I can’t really blame them. It’s like 5 seconds from the beach.

Between the long ride, my dad’s snores, my moms coughs, and Pixels barking, I am wore out. Okay, not really. I’m loving the beach and I don’t want tomorrow to be the last day. Curse you responsible life.

And for one more picture. Pixel still isn’t sure how to take all of this.


Headed to the Beach

I am finally getting a vacation.  This morning my family got up and we headed out the door (with puppy in tow) to make the three hour drive to the beach.  It has been over 10 years since I have been to the beach.

The funny thing is, as excited as I am, I hate the ocean.  I won’t get in the ocean.  But I am so excited to take a walk on the beach at night, watch the sun set and rise.  Feel the sand between my toes.  Build a crappy sand castle.  Watch my puppy try to figure out what in the world that big body of water is.

I can’t wait!  It will probably also come with some sun burn and a few hours out at the pool.


The sad thing about the trip is that we only have one full day at the beach, and that is Saturday.  We leave home early tomorrow and leave the hotel even earlier on Sunday.  We can’t afford much more than that.

Another good thing that is in the works is that I have a chance to go back to my old job as assistant manager at a place I worked at when I first finished high school.  It should be fun really. I am excited to go back and I have my fingers crossed that I can actually get there.

What I learned yesterday is that it never hurts to ask.  Really!  There were no signs about a job opening, but once I asked my friend if they were hiring I found out there were two positions open! One will allow me to leave my current job (please, please, please.) and the other would allow me to work my current job and the new job.  We will see what happens.

I just have to leave it all up to the good man upstairs and hope that He isn’t too mad at me for being a little mad at Him.

I am sure I will have pictures to share at some point.  If not…well, it’s because I decided to live my life on the other side of the camera, instead of trying to live through a lens.

I Don’t Want to Grow Up


One thing is clear in my everyday life.  Being an adult sucks some major monkey balls.  Big harry monkey balls.  You have so much to worry about and I haven’t even made it to the full on adult experience.

I still live with my parents.  I have no kids.  I am not married.  Yet, I still have a world of worry sitting at my doorstep when I wake up in the morning.

Let’s make a list of things that suck about being an adult.

  1. Bills!  Ugh bills.  You can’t avoid them really.  I have credit card bills because I was stupid when I was young.  I got credit cards because I convinced myself it would help raise my credit…which it did.  I actually do have a pretty okay credit score.  Then there is the phone bill.  Of course I could cut down on that cost by not having an iPhone…but then I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the world.
  2. Student loans.  I didn’t lump this into the bill field because it’s a whole other story.  See, I went to college thinking that I would get ahead in life with a college degree.  Little did I know that I would leave college with a 60 thousand dollar loan and no job prospects.  Yeah, I had a good job, but I was let go.  Even experience on the job didn’t help in finding a new job.  Student loans are a whore on a corner who ends up being a cop.  She is dressed all fancy and clean…a clean whore. You pull over to ask her something, she yanks you out of the car, reads you your rights, handcuffs you, and throws you in the back of the car.  No warning.  It doesn’t matter that you were just going to ask for directions.  You are now screwed for life.  Thank you student loans.
  3. Time doesn’t actually matters.  As a kid, time doesn’t really matter too much.  You have to be at school at a certain time, but your parents make sure you are up and out the door on time.  They tell you when to go to bed and you do it.  It doesn’t matter what time it is.  At least, it doesn’t matter to you.  You just go about your business until some adult tells you what you have to do next.
  4. Driving.  I admit, I love driving.  But then you have to make car payments (another bill!!) and pay for gas.  Let’s not forget the yearly check ups you have to get so your car doesn’t leave you stranded on the side of the road.  And add on to the fact that you probably can’t afford a really nice new car, so even if you do get your car checked on a regular, it may decide to leave you stranded on the side of the road anyways.  Thank the good man upstairs that my car is actually a pretty good car.
  5. Calling people about payments you can’t afford.  This is what actually sparked my initial rage for today’s post.  My student loan was deferred for a few months after I lost my job.  Before, the payments were just under 300 a month.  After the deferment ended the bill shot up to just over 600 a month.  Add to the fact that with  my new job I couldn’t even afford the 300 and you have yourself a big mess.  What are my choices?  Call them and talk to them, or ignore it until it ruins my credit.  So of course I did the grown up thing and called them.  Who actually calls people anymore?
  6. Ignoring things does not make it go away.  Do you remember when you were younger and you would just ignore a problem and it would go away?  Maybe your parents took care of it or the assignment was no longer due (and you proudly took the zero grade for it).  Now, the longer you ignore something the more it messes up your life.  Like…my car has this weird thing going on.  It jerks like something is slipping in my motor.  I try to ignore it, but I ignored it in my last car and that car is now in a junk yard somewhere.  If I ignore my student loan my credit is shot and I can never buy a home…not that I could afford a home while paying for these student loans anyways.

When I was a kid I remember dreaming about being an adult.  Driving where I wanted, living in my own place (I always wanted to live in an apartment), going out with friends and staying out as late as I wanted, having a really great job, meeting my prince charming.  So many things I thought would be easy.  I thought it just came with growing up. I learned soon enough that growing up meant fighting for all the things I wanted.  And even with all the fighting I wasn’t guaranteed all the things I wanted.

I think I need to go work some of this steam off in the gym.  Cause that is another thing we worry about as adults.  Our health.

Sleeping Beauty

I have noticed something in myself the past few days.  I have been off work, just chilling in my bed until it’s time to go back to bed.  I have been lazy and not a thing has been done.  I now realize that this is a habit that I need to stop right now.  It’s not good for my health.

I made the decision yesterday to leave my church.  At the moment it’s just for a little bit while I gather my own thoughts and decide what I am going to do.  I don’t know if I will go back or when I will go back. I want to go back, I don’t feel like that part of my life is over yet, but then again what do I know?

I keep making these post about how I am going to do this and do that.  Then away from the computer I do nothing.  I just sit in my bed and watch the day go by.  I don’t move. I don’t want to move.  I don’t even want to get on my computer and play games.  I just…sit…and flip through channels on TV until I fall back asleep.

My poor puppy probably thinks I am the worst pet owner ever.  All I do is pet her and have her lay beside me while I fade in and out. I wonder constantly what is the meaning of life.  Why am I here and what am I supposed to do?  It all seems so pointless some days.  Wake up, go to work, pay all my money to bills, and then do it all over again.

Depressing Quotes (Quotes About Depression) 0076-0078 (11)

I do little things that make me happy.  I bake and write. And I don’t even write that much. I read, but I have slowed down on my reading.  I feel like everything in life just slips through my fingers and there is nothing I can do to catch it.

I sit here, waiting for my life to begin.  What does that even mean?  Waiting for life to begin?  Is there something major and amazing that is supposed to happen before I can be happy?  I read too much to be happy with an every day life.  I need a life full of excitement and adventure.  But to do that I need money, or at least not be so far in debt I can’t breathe.

I am too old to have moments like this.  I should have things figured out.  I should be up early every day ready to take on the world.  I should be writing and baking every day.  I should be smiling and laughing and having a grand time. But when I jump up to take on the world I have a split second where I wonder what is it all for.  And I lose that little spark that I had.

Since I can’t find purpose or motivation, I just lay back down and go back to sleep.  Yeah, I go to the gym and I am losing weight.  But that never goes as quickly as I would like.

I’m just in a moment.  Sleeping until Prince Charming comes to wake me from this darkness.

Movie Review: The Maze Runner


I had the great and awesome privilege of getting a free ticket to a pre-screening of The Maze Runner last Monday. Of course I planned my entire day around it and was two hours early to the showing. I was too excited. I read the book and I couldn’t wait to see how the movie held up to the book.

I have often been disappointed in movie based on a book.  I am a huge book nerd and I pick apart every movie compared to the book.  I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am programmed.


A boy wakes up in a cage and is suddenly thrown into a place surrounded by large walls and inhabited by a group of boys.  Doors open during the day that lead into a maze, but no one is allowed there.  No one remembers who or where they were, all that is left of their memory is their name. Once Thomas comes to the Glade, things start to change and some of the boys blame Thomas.  All Thomas wants is to find the way out.

Personal Opinion:

Even knowing what was going to happen, I was on the edge of my seat at times.  I squealed when it looked like something bad was going to happen and I sighed in relief when things were…okay. There were moments I even forgot to breathe!

I thought the movie was well worth my 2 hour wait.  As far has how it stood up to the book, it stayed pretty close.  There were a few things that were changed around, but considering the parts it was kind of necessary.

Over all I loved the movie.  I would pay to go see it when it comes out Friday.  Even if you haven’t read the book it’s a great movie to see. Not to mention the adorable Dylan O’Brien is in it!  He is just as adorable in this movie as he is in Teen Wolf.

So, go see the movie Friday! You won’t regret it!

Visitors From Out of Town: A Trip to Georgia


This past weekend my uncle and his family came to visit.  Now, I live in South Carolina and my uncle lives in Washington.  The last time I saw this part of my family was six years ago when my grandfather died. They came for the funeral, had dinner with my parents, brother, and I, then returned home.

This time they stayed for a few days.  Long enough to realize how very much I miss them.  It was a visit full of adventure though!

My cousin, Aunt, and myself went to Georgia to visit my aunts friend.  Let me tell you, it was one crazy trip.

It was like a four hour drive there and another four hours back.  Which wasn’t a problem. I love going for rides.  I love taking in all the different billboards and things that end up on the side of the road.  I even discovered where a haunted house type place was.

Once we got to Georgia we picked up my aunts friend and went to eat.  I stuffed myself like a pig and complained about my stomach hurting.  Then, we ended up at the friends brothers house.  And that is where things got a little interesting.

This man was a strange man.  I was creeped out from the moment I saw him.  I have never met this man in my life and the last time my cousin met him, she was too little to even remember him.

This guys home was in the “basement” of a house.  It was more like the garage turned into a basement.  The floor plan was completely open.  The bedroom, living room, and kitchen were all right there.  No walls separating anything except the bathroom.

It wouldn’t have been too terribly creppy if it wasn’t for the fact that there was not a lot of furniture.  There was a couch that looked like it could have stared in a porn.  A bed…no frame. Just the mattress and boxspring.  And the boxspring was still covered in plastic.  There was a tv in front of the porn couch.  There were selves by the door that were completely empty and I didn’t see a single movie case.

The whole basement looked like the set of a porn.  Or what I would imagine a porn set would look like.  Then, my aunt and her friend went outside to smoke, leaving my cousin and I inside with the friend’s brother.

He started talking and just…something about him made me want to run.

My cousin and I ended up outside with the two women.  My aunt hands us the keys to her car and tells us to be back in an hour.  Talk about small favors! I don’t think she knew how relieved we were to get out of there.  We practically ran out of that place.

We found the closest Starbucks and chilled out, laughing about how uncomfortable we were with the friends brother.  And too soon it was time to go back. Unfortunately, neither of us knew the area well. Or at all…We thought we could make it back. But we failed miserably.

We ended up lost in the ghetto of Georgia.

Now, I do not get antsy around a lot of black people.  I have many black friends and have had black friends all my life.  It had nothing to do with the skin color of the people around us as much as the feel of the place.  Everything was run down, dirty, creepy, unsafe for two females in a nice car that just came from Starbucks.  Again, it had nothing to do with the color of their skin, it could have been Hispanics or whites or a mix of all, I still would have freaked out a little bit.

We were lost in Georgia.  We had no idea how to get back to the guys house and the phone service was a little shady.  All of a sudden a nice car pulled up beside us.  All I could think about was the fact that this was probably a drug deal going on.  Something was going to go wrong, a gun would start firing, and my cousin and I would be caught in the middle.

Yes, my mind does terrible things to me! I’m sure if I had gotten out of the car and asked, someone would have been kind enough to point us in the right direction.  Then again, it was raining and we all know that horror/thriller movies start with rain.  It was a heavy storm coming up too!

Luckily, we got in touch with my aunts friend and got the address.  We threw it into google maps and found our way back to my aunt.  Only, it started pouring to the point where we couldn’t see the road.  Add that to the fact that we had no phone service and you have to chicks just a little freaked out.

You would not believe how relieved I was to be back at the creepers house.  It was a nice adventure, but not one that I want to repeat again any time soon.

We had a nice laugh after and I still laugh about it.  It will be a great story to tell to my kids one day. I wish I could say it was one of those defining moments in my life where I learned an important lesson.  The only lesson I learned was to pay more attention to where I am going.

Out for Lunch: Back in 30


I keep disappearing and then coming back, posting a few post and disappearing again.  I have good reason for this…Okay maybe not.  I get so tied up with everything that I just forget to make time to write.

Don’t worry, it’s not just my blog that is suffering.  All forms of writing suffer from my lack of…motivation? Between work, gym, and spending time with Pixel, I just forget to sit down and write about all my adventures.

I gave up writing for a few weeks. Not blogs, I have obviously been writing a little there.  But my stories, my personal work, I pushed away to the side and decided not to bother with them for a bit. I did it and now I just can’t take it anymore.  There are two things in this world that I want more than anything…okay, three.

1. I want to own my own bakery and create beautiful cakes and tasty cupcakes.

2. I want my own family.  Husband, kids, family dog…all of that.

3. The most important one.  The one that eats away at me every day.  I want to be a traditionally published author.

I can’t help how my dreams progressed over the years.  I can’t help that in high school I found an outlet for my anger and fell in love with the idea of creating my own world.  I also can’t help that my imagination is so far out there that I just can’t cope with reality some days.

So, I took a break from my writing.  I even took a full week away from my blog.  It’s time to take down my ‘out for lunch’ sign and get back to work.  If there is one thing I have learned this year it is, to be successful you must work hard.  Work until you bleed.  Work until sweat drips down into your eyes.  Success is not something that is just thrown into your lap.  It is something that you work hard for.

I will succeed in whatever my heart desires.  At the moment, my heart desires to be a bakery owner/author. I will make it and I will be great.

A few years ago I told a few people that my montage music was now playing.  It paused for a moment, the track skipped.  I have fixed it and I don’t plan on hitting another glitch.