Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?

I know what you are thinking. “Heather, where have you been??!” It’s either that or, “Hey…who are you?” What ever works for you.

So here is the run down of the past week and why I have not been able to post all week.

First of all, I have been super lazy and have not sat at my computer to write a blog post for every day of the week like I had planned.  Also, I have been so super busy! 

Monday night, when I would usually post a new blog to come up on Tuesday, I was up late baking cakes. I basically baked five cakes…that’s five store bought cake mixes. One of them I messed up terribly.  Two was for my cake decorating class.  The last two was for a cake I was testing for a friend who wanted a John Deere cake for her grandson. 

Tuesday I had my cake decorating class. 


I made and owl!


Mom made a cupcake.

After class Tuesday I ended up back at home to make a test run of a John Deere cake with checkerboard cake on the inside!

IMG_1772 IMG_1770

My first run turned out pretty good, but everything was a bit of a mess. So, I had to bake two more cakes and let them cool over night.

Wednesday I had to get up and decorate the final cake. 

IMG_1773 IMG_1774 IMG_0753.JPG

It turned out so awesomely! I was super stoked about it. And the checkered board was so easy! I may post a blog on how I did it this coming week. 

After the cake was done I had to hurry and get all my research together because I was leading a small group discussion at church that night. I was talking to Middle school girls about depression. I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

Then I crashed and burned Wednesday night, but sadly I had to get up and go to work the next day. My wrist was killing me from all the cake stuff (I have carpal tunnel) and I was just wore slap out. I kept messing things up at work, but lucky for me it wasn’t anything terrible.

Then Friday, good ole Friday. I had a day off and no plans. My cousin wanted to go to the mall, so that is exactly where I ended up. At the mall for Starbucks and pretzels and a little window shopping.

Of course, it wasn’t resting at home and being lazy. But for some reason I actually felt relaxed at the end of the day.

This morning I woke up and was ready to go again. I have to work all weekend, plus Monday. Then cake class and a church thing Tuesday and youth group Wednesday. Here is to hoping I get a break Thursday, but if not…I guess this is my life now.

Busy, busy, busy. And I can’t really complain too much. I kind of like all the running.

Monday Madness: Have a Little Fun

This blog will be short today because I am writing it the night before  it post.  I am tired and ready for bed.  By time this post is live I will have been at work for an hour and have four more hours to go. But that’s okay because I am working in the bakery. Hopefully that is a good thing.

I only have one video to share with you today and you may have seen it a thousand times already.

Of course, there is speculation about this video.  People want to know if it’s real or if it was staged.  I say, who cares?  What I think when I see this video is a couple who just likes to have fun.

And here is what I want you to take from this video.  Go out into the world today and have a little fun. Not something that is going to hurt anyone or get you in trouble.  Just do something silly and don’t worry so much about what others think. In the end, the only opinion that matters is your own.

Seriously, when you are laying in your death bed, wouldn’t you rather smile at all the wonderful and silly things you did, instead of wondering how much more fun life could have been if you hadn’t cared so much?

Do you like to sing? SING! Like to dance?  DANCE! Like to tell silly stories or laugh at kiddie jokes or…just enjoy the smaller things in life?  Enjoy it and have fun. Don’t let eye rolls and grunts keep you down. 

Now, go watch the video one more time.  Feel good about yourself.  Now, go out into the world and enjoy it!

Movie Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes



You remember that movie that came out years ago?  The one about the monkey named Caesar? Yeah, the one where the ape learned sign language and then how to actually speak?

Well, because of an amazing friend, I was able to go see the movie last night. We went pretty late so the theater wasn’t too packed, though there were a few problems.  The biggest being the idiot parents who took their young child to a movie that would not be over until sometime around midnight. But the movie was fantastic.

Shortly into the movie you find out that it is set 10 years after the first movie ended.  Caesar is the leader, like he has always been, and he has respect from most of the other apes.  He also has a son.  Most of the humans have been eradicated by the virus created in a lab, and of course the apes are blamed for it.

The apes think that all humans are gone, simply because they have been left in peace for so long.  They have built this really awesome place they call home, and they all work together and get along. 

Sadly, some humans come across and things get a little crazy.

We all knew this would happen though, right?  Isn’t this how all movies go? We see what a simple and peaceful life someone has, right before it is ripped away from them, right before their happiness is destroyed.

I won’t tell you what happens, I will just tell you that it is worth the money to see it.  It’s really a beautiful movie.  It was better than I expected.

I don’t like to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, because the ending is so sad.  It breaks my heart, but Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is one of those movies I could watch a hundred times. 

I really did like the movie and enjoyed it.  I usually have something to complain about, but there isn’t anything I feel the need to complain about. I did get frustrated with the one person that seems to always mess things up, but we wouldn’t have an interesting movie with out that one person.

Okay, I do have one complaint that won’t spoil the movie for anyone.  Why do apes need horses??! Also, where the heck did they get the horses?  It looked hilarious to see an ape on a horse. 

Also, my favorite was Maurice. 


He is one awesome primate. 

I had a blast at the movies with friends and my brother.  And I strongly suggest this movie.  If you like the first one, this is a must see.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think about it?

I Like to Dream Big

When I was a kid I used to tell people, every one I came across, that I was going to be the first female president. Of course, I was also going to be a doctor, pediatrician, veterinarian, and a lawyer. I wanted to do it all, and I was convinced that I could.

At some point I changed my mind.  I think it might have been all the time I would have to spend in school.  Once I hit high school I was over the whole school thing.  Now I want to be a best selling author, pastry chef, bakery owner, computer technician (with a compute repair shop), and a health nut/health and fitness instructor.  I have always wanted to do more than an average day would allow me, but there are moments where I really think I can do all I want.  I will always believe I can do everything on my to do list.

Even though my dreams changed at some point (except being a writer, I started as a story teller) it didn’t stop me from dreaming and imagining what it would be like to be president.  Not exactly what it would be like, but what I would do if I was in the position.  I get so angry about things in the world that I can’t help but to imagine all the things I would change.

I will just name a few things, and please, no hate.  I know how things work, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming and pretending I live in a different world.

If I was president, the first thing I would do would implement solar roadways.  Construction would start immediatly.  Don’t know what that is?  Take a look at the video, it’s really worth the few minutes.

It’s so amazing! Seriously, why have we not done this yet?  They even had a fund raiser that brought in 2 million dollars.  Let’s see this happen folks!

The second thing I would do would be to change the prisons. We have so many prisoners now days.  And I fear that it is because life in prison is so much easier then in the real world.  Prisoners have television, junk food, a promise of three meals a day, and a place to put their head at night.  Sure other things go on in prison that we don’t want to talk about, but it doesn’t seem to stop the people that are locked up time after time for the same dumb stuff.

A prison cell is pictured inside Alcatra

I say we take away the television and junk food.  They still get three meals, but nothing fancy (which I am sure it’s not fancy now). While they are outside, make it like a gym class.  They all do the same stretches and work out and they won’t have time to sit around and talk.  Meals should be eaten in silence.  Let’s give the prisoners A.C. and heat, but just to the point where they are not sweating or freezing to death.

Prison should be hard and discourage someone from doing what they did all over again.

The third thing I would do as president is take the money I would save from taking things away from prison and put it into helping the homeless.  Homeless shelters and half way houses.  Now, it wouldn’t just be homeless shelters were people can just hang out and not care.  There would be rules and all that, but that would be a whole post worth of  things I would do.

I would also put more of that money into schools.  Of course, after the solar roadways are in place and in use, there would be a ton more money sitting around to go to other things that are more worth while then paving over the same road a million times.

I know that I will never be president, unless I get some unnatural following and everyone writes me in when they vote.  I also have no idea how the whole political world works because I just can’t deal with drama and that seems to be all it is…drama.  I left drama back in high school and I don’t feel like getting back into it.

So what would you do?  If you found yourself in charge of a country or even the world, what would be your first task?

Cake Decorating!

My wonderful mom paid for her and me to take a cake decorating class.  It’s a four week course and when it is finished we plan on taking the next four week course.  It’s pretty awesome.

Tuesday was our first class.  I was afraid I would be bored, but it was actually really fun.  I learned a few new things and was able to decorate a few cupcakes at the end of the class.



We learned a few basic techniques, nothing too fancy, but “nothing too fancy” looks cute.

We mad a mess…seriously.


And everyone knows, if it’s messy, it’s fun!

Then yesterday I started at the bakery at work.  I didn’t get to take any pictures of the cakes that I was able to make yesterday.  They turned out pretty cute.  I realized yesterday that I can do this.  I can bake cakes and cupcakes and sell them.  I can make this a living because I have so much fun doing it.  I may not be the greatest artist, but when it comes to cake decorating it all comes down to imagination and patience.  Which, for some reason I only have patience when it comes to cakes.  So strange.

That is all I have for you today.  I have some stuff to work on. I keep trying to stay on task and have a blog post every day.  But then life just gets in the way…actually lazy gets in the way.  I was never good at doing what I am supposed to do.  Although, after work yesterday I did come home and play with my cake decorating things.  I made a few new colors of frosting and finished decorating the cupcakes I had left over.

Aches and Pains


This past weekend was pretty rough.  Seeing as I am back in retail I now work mostly weekends.  I find it funny how I always complained about working weekends and now I kind of love it.  I am at work when most everyone else is out and about, doing what they can’t do through the week.  It doesn’t even bother me when it’s so busy I can’t get much done.

I have had issues with my feet since I started back to work.  It seems that three years sitting on your butt does not help your feet adapt to the busy life of retail.  So, my feet and ankles are getting used to being used more often.  At first the top of my right foot was sore, like someone had dropped a brick on the top of it.  But that went away fairly quick.  Then my ankles started to swell.

For the most part my ankles are now good, except this weekend.  My left ankle hurt so bad that I thought I may have sprang my ankle or broken it.  It hurt so bad that I was almost in tears by time I got off work Saturday night.  I don’t know if it’s just because I am building the strength back in them or what, but it was painful.

Saturday night when I finally got home I took advice from all the older people in the world.  I soaked my feet in some hot water with Epsom salt in it.  Who knew that Epsom salt is some kind of miracle substance?  My feet loved me for soaking them in this bath water, it was amazing.  My ankle felt better almost instantly.  I then went to bed after taking some aspirin and hoped for the best.

Sunday morning I got up and could walk again.  Hallelujah!  Then I had to go back to work.  While my ankle does not feel as bad, it was a little sore Monday, but it is on the mend.  Hopefully this is a sign that I am building up my durance again.  Also, my calf muscles have gotten so much tighter!  Seriously.  I have never been able to wear any boots that go too far past my ankles because my calf muscles have always been so big.  No, it’s not fat.  There is no sign of fat in my lower leg…it’s crazy. But my calf muscles were not as firm as they used to be when I first went back into retail.  Now, they are hard as a rock.  I want to blame my weight on that, seeing as the scale says I am busting my butt and not losing a single pound.  UGH!

Anyways, Monday my neck started bothering me again.  It’s on the right side and it just hurts…It’s like a dull pain that is there for so long that it is causing a headache and making me terribly sick to my stomach.

Typing all of that out I now think I might be having a really bad migraine and that is what it could have been this whole time.  Which would be my luck.  It could also be my house.  We seem to have black mold growing in the house, but there isn’t much we can do about it.  When I am not at home much I do tons better.

It could also be that I am just getting old and starting to fall apart.  My birthday is next month and I will be 29.  One more year and I can no longer use the excuse that I am young when I do something stupid.  When did that happen??

I am sorry that I do not have a short story for you today.  I want to try and have one every Tuesday, but because I am lazy and have been in so much pain, I didn’t get around to writing anything.  I promise, I will be back with it next week and hopefully I will finally have my schedule down so I don’t miss any more days on my blog.  You know, for the few people that may actually enjoy reading my random words of nonsense.

Monday Madness: A Little Music Free’s the Soul

I had an idea of what I would share today, just some of my favorite things that I came across last week.  Then this morning while browsing around I found this really awesome video that I decided to add to my collection.  I also forgot a video that I was going to share, I can’t remember what it was.  And just so I don’t turn into one of those bloggers that just slaps up a bunch of videos and expects you to like me, I am limiting this post to two videos.

The first video is the one that I came across this morning.  This kid is hanging out in a guitar store, watching his dad play the guitar.  Then, out of now where this kid starts singing and it’s not something to laugh about.  This kid has got a voice of the angels or something.  But what is funny is the guy behind the counter, he can’t believe what he is hearing.  Seriously, this kid is amazing.


The second video is a guy that I have been following on Youtube for a while now.  He does this awesome thing where he takes a song and turns it into a metal song.  Last Monday he did one for Sailor Moon theme song.  Now, I grew up watching Sailor Moon and I am so excited for the new episodes.  In fact, I just watched the first episode Saturday.  It brought back my love for anime.  But this isn’t about Sailor Moon, this is about this amazing guy who kills it with a guitar.  I also might have a little fangirl crush going on…I mean, come on! The dude has long hair! I love a guy with long hair! Or red hair.  I can’t imagine what I would do if I saw a guy with long red hair.  I might faint.  ON TO THE VIDEO!


I hope that your Monday goes smoothly.  And if something happens to make you mad, just come back and watch these videos again.  Just be careful if you follow the links onto Youtube, you never know what video will lead you into “that part” of Youtube.  You know, the scary part where the videos are disturbing and creepy and might have some kind of spirit attached to it that will fly through your screen and haunt you for the rest of your days.

But don’t worry, I wouldn’t share any of those videos with you.

Happy Monday Peeps!