Are You Saying it Isn’t Fun?


I was reading an article the other day about things only writers can understand. I came across this quote and I took a step back. I had to really think about it, to see if I agreed with the quote.

After much deliberation I realized, I completely disagree.

I have had some of the best times writing my books. They may not be out for the public eye yet, but I love them. I have loved every minute of writing them, of finding out what happened next. Writing a book is fun.

Now…if you had substituted the word editing, for writing, then I would agree! Writing the book is the easy part. Editing is the hellish part. Come on, you have this amazing story that you have put down on paper. It is your baby, your life’s work. Then…you have to go in and gut it!

You have to spot where your characters are not being themselves because you are forcing them to do something else. You have to take out some characters or cut down on their appearances. You have to chop out that entire scene that you loved so much because it just does not gel with the rest of the story.

So, no. Writing is not worse than giving birth to a baby in hell. But editing is like throwing your newborn baby, that you love so much, into the pits of hell and praying that it comes out some what resembling what you threw in.

What do you think? Agree or disagree with the quote?


Can You Imagine…?

Cat in the hat

The other day I was thinking about my journal. I was thinking how much I hate leaving a page blank, or leaving even half of it blank. And not just the front of the page, the back too. When I was in middle school I hated writing on the back of a page. I would only use the front of the page, so you can imagine how much paper I went though.

Now, I have to use front and back, I just can’t use the next page unless I have used up as much of the first page as possible. I also like to press down really hard so that I indent the paper and it makes that lovely crinkle sound with both sides have been filled up. I know, I’m strange.

I started to wonder, what would the world of books look like if the printers only printed on one side. How much heavier would a Stephen King book be if only one side of a paper was used. Could you imagine trying to lug those things around. Even some of the shortest books would suddenly become unbearable to hold. We would all have deformed wrist from holding heavy books.

It would also me I would have even less room for books. My personal library would suffer!

Imagine the stacks of books now…twice their size. I honestly imagine cities, where the towers are made of books. I see little kids laying in the floor, reading a book that has been in the same place for days, because it’s just to heavy to pick up. There would no longer be libraries with two stories because the floors are not strong enough to hold the piles of books.

It would be a fun site to see really. Though, I also see this world with much fewer trees and probably more breathing issues because of the lack of trees. I think I just stepped into a Dr. Seuss book.

Tell me, do you write on both sides of the paper?

Do You Know the Muffin Man?


I am going through the process of getting things organized and ready for a rewrite. I basically have two books that need a rewrite, both within the same series, as well as an edit/rewrite of my NanoWriMo novel from November. It’s a lot to do and if you remember, I set a goal to get these things done and be ready to send off my work to editors and all that fun stuff by next year.

365 days seems like a lot of time, until you have something you are trying to get done within that time.

Part of this process is sitting down and really getting to know my characters. I have been searching for character sheets, trying to find one that I was happy with. Nothing suited my fancy. Some needed too much information while others didn’t ask enough. And there were more that asked me questions I didn’t know the answer to.

It made me realize that, while I know my characters, I never sat down to really get into them, to figure out who they really were. I am sure when I reread what I have already written I will find that these characters are flat and too much alike, too much like me. I gave them all the same personality and it was mine.

I ended up creating my own character sheet, full of things I wanted to know about my characters. Once I was happy with the questions I had, I sat down with my characters and I asked them these questions. You know what I found out? The main character of my first novel, while I knew what he looked like, he didn’t have a face in the book. Not once did I mention what color his hair was, his eyes, or even how tall he was! I was missing vital information and I was doing exactly what I had been told not to do.

I was writing a place holder. A person with no detail other than being male or female. I had given his back story, who his parents were and where he went to college, but that was it. You can imagine how excited he was that I was finally asking him about himself. I was asking what his dreams and goals were. Where he wanted to be in 10 years. I was getting to know this character I had created, who had grown all on his own.

It’s amazing how a story can go on without knowing your characters. You get so lost in the story itself that you forget to find out who the characters are. Now that I am finally meeting them, things that take place in the story make so much more sense.

A Moment to Reflect


Today marks a year since I lost my “big girl” job. I know it’s funny to call it that, but it was the job that made the big bucks. It was a job that I got just because I had a degree. I still remember the interview I went in to get the job. It was probably the first interview I was excited about and wasn’t really all that nervous. Something told me the moment I scheduled the interview that I had the job. I just knew from the start.

As time went on, things changed. The company I worked with brought in a new boss. Then the company I worked for switched bosses on me. I was working with a staffing company of sorts and working for BMW. It could have turned into a permanent job. One of my coworkers started with the temporary company and was hired on by BMW. So I had hope that I would be so lucky.

Then, I remember this day a year ago. I worked an entire day just to be called into the office as I was leaving. I thought everything was okay because we had talked the Friday before and discussed what needed to be done. I didn’t realize I was going to lose my job that day.

There are a few things that still make me angry about losing my job. One being that one of my coworkers was basically an idiot. He couldn’t remember how to do things and always came to me for help. He slept at his desk. He stayed later than he should have. It took him forever to do his job. And he was bad at his job. I bet he is still there, sitting at a desk doing work that should have been done weeks ago.

I didn’t have a lot of work to do, and when I did I finished it as quickly as possible. I’m not saying I didn’t make mistakes, because I made a few…or a ton. But I always owned up to my mistakes.

Really though, none of that matters. I couldn’t be happier with where I am right now. I am back working with the public, stocking shelves, and working with people that I enjoy being around. People that don’t call me a devil worshiper just because I wear a ring shaped like a coffin.

I may struggle a little bit more to pay my bills, but I know that too will change. I just opened my online business and I know that will grow too. And…if you want to check out my online store just find it on Etsy. You can find it under The Catch All Shop…or you know, just click the link. More items will be coming soon. I am even looking to send some free gifts to bloggers to advertise for me.

And let’s not forget how my muse has opened up since I am no longer over powered by the noise and the sound of a big plant. I hated working there and I am so glad to be out. It has even helped me appreciate my blog and my blog friends so much more. I have time to be me again. It may have taken me a year to start really planning things, but sometimes it takes a little bit of recovery time.


Remember When…


When I was a kid I was picked on a lot. So much so that I fell into a deep depression that I couldn’t dig myself out of until I was 25. I still have moments where the words come up and haunt me, all the names that I was called. I will be the first to admit that I still have issues with my own body because of these cruel kids of my past. But, depression is no longer a part of my world.

Last night as I was working I started thinking about all the things kids are picked on about. The dumbest thing that kids are picked on about is how smart they are. I remember being called a nerd or geek in school and how it made me want to disappear. Why?!

I was a smart kid and like to think that I am still a smart person. I obsess over silly shows that make my heart glow. I love to learn new things. I read more than I breathe and I like making things. I am a nerd/geek through and through. The only thing I’m not is ashamed. I can never be ashamed of the person I am.

So, why does it take so long for us to realize this? Why do kids thing being smart and liking different things is bad? I don’t understand why I thought being a nerd was a bad thing. Is it still a bad thing for kids?

I have a little cousin that told me one day that she was called a nerd in school. My first thought was to smile, until I realized that she didn’t like it. Of course, I jump in with my ‘old lady’ experience and tell her not to be ashamed. I think I actually told her to tell people ‘thank you’ when they call her a nerd. We should be teaching all our kids these things.

I admit, I will call a kid a nerd when they do something smart. And then I laugh and let them know that it’s okay to be called a nerd. Smart people are awesome!

Let’s be nerds together!


So, What Happened Was…


It has been really cold for South Carolina the past few days. So cold that not even Pixel wants to go outside. We had ice covering the ground one day and that same ice re-freezing the next day. It was cold! All the trees were coated in ice!


And that was after it started melting a little bit!

Our heat was kicking. My dad got my car fixed just before the storm came through and I was called into work because of the cashiers calling out due to the poor roads. Being assistant manager it was my duty to make my way through the wet roads to help run the store, or at least that is what I keep telling myself.


Poor little guy had no where to go!

Now, I have been off work most of the week because I was called in for jury duty. I stayed on call all week but never had to go in. Meaning, I missed a lot of work for nothing, but I was happy for the little break.

I wanted to go shopping one of those days, which I did get to do, but I couldn’t spend as freely as I wanted. See…because of the cold our heat gave out. The unit froze up and over and…no more heat. Thank goodness for blankets and small heaters kept in the bathrooms.

We got the HAVC guy out to the house the day it froze over, and he thought he fixed it. Sadly, this was not the case and the night we were headed into was going to be the coldest night that SC has seen in years. It was cold!

We all bundled up the best we could when we went to bed. The next day the HAVC guy came out again and looked at the duct work under the house. It seems that all of my cats have stolen the heat from the humans. They messed up all of the duct work and the heat is going straight up under the house instead of into the house.

Now…my parents are on a rampage trying to get rid of cats any way possible. Yes, that does mean shooting them. Some of them are wild and I can’t touch them anyways and none of the shelters around here will take them. You can call us evil if you wish, but most of the cats have medical issues from inbreeding anyways. You want to save them, you are welcome to come to my house and get them. But there are two of them you will keep your hands off of.

It’s still cold in the house and I am ready for warmer weather. Which is odd for me because I love the winter so much, but when you have no where warm to go hide for a while, winter sort of sucks.

My fingers are not frozen so I will say farewell for now. It’s about time to get ready for work. UGH!


Cheers to You

Happy for othersThe other day I heard some good news about someone. The first thing I did was roll my eyes and snort. It wasn’t because I wasn’t happy for them, it was because I was jealous of their success. I wanted to be in their shoes. I wanted all the hard work to be done and over with and be in that place where everything has worked out and I can reap the benefits of all my hard work.

In other words, I am a lazy bum and I want to feed off of others hard work instead of doing the work myself.

Which, isn’t true either. I’m not lazy, life just gets in the way. I don’t make time for all the things that I love the most. I let life get in the way. I use the excuse that I am tired. I need to rest. I deserve to rest. But in reality, who actually deserves to rest? Isn’t that what old age is for?

Here is what I purpose. Today, if you hear of someone who has accomplished even the smallest feat, congratulate them and actually mean it. Don’t secretly sneer at them and don’t dis whatever it is they are doing. Maybe it doesn’t seem like much to you, but to them it could be the biggest hurdle they have ever crossed.

To all of my readers, congratulations. For publishing a post, a book, or a story. For starting a business for what ever it is that you love to do. For meeting your writing goals for the week or the day. For turning off the TV and going for a walk. For saying no to that big bowl of chocolate that you know you shouldn’t have. For drinking enough water. For facing your fear of sharing your thoughts. For finally doing what you said you were going to do. For standing up for yourself.

Congratulations for being you!

I know from this day on I will be happy for the success of others, because it’s just not worth being mad that you are where I want to be. It’s not worth belittling myself because you are doing better than me. In the end, that is all it boils down to. If you can’t be happy for someones success you are blinded by jealousy and that is no way to live.