Friday Inspiration

What if you Fly

Happy Friday Nerds. It is Friday right? I get so lost in the days that I forget what day it is. Anyways, here is your weekly dose of inspiration.

I realized the other day that while I do this every Friday, I think I mainly do it for myself. By the end of the week I need a little inspiration to get me going again. I hope these help you like they help me.

Impossible effort do it now be positive

Happy Friday my friends. I hope it is a wonderful and productive day for you.


A Little Rant

Forgive me for this little rant but it’s really the only place I can put this and I’m just so terribly annoyed.

You see, I work I  retail. There are people in and out, customers and employees alike. There are times I am cussed out because a customer thinks that I have no education and I am beneath them. I have employees that get an attitude with me because I am over them and I have asked them to do their job. I have heard it all.

But the thing that really gets me the most about retail is the high school drama. Now, be aware that where I work you have to be 18 before you can be hired. You are either done with high school or in your last year. But I would swear that half the people I work with are teenagers. The drama that spills from their mouths! He said this, she said that, why isn’t she working, why isn’t he wearing a name badge. It’s a load of crap!

When I graduated high school I thought all the drama was behind me. Working in retail I realized that I was so wrong. And it’s so irritating. Why is there a need to lie to someone? Own up to your own mistakes, it’s part of being an adult.

Another thing, when you find out that someone had a crush on another person, don’t go off and flirt with that person, especially if you already have a boyfriend!  Come on people, grow up!

That is all for my rant. I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday!


Prompt Challenge: September Reveal

September prompt reveal

Hello nerds!

Today is the day. Since there are 5 Wednesdays this month, I decided to use the first Wednesday as the prompt reveal day. Woo!

As always, I am super excited for this prompt. I may have trouble coming up with new stories, but I think I will come up with great ones.

So, with out further delay…

September Prompt Title

September prompt

Any one have an imaginary friend growing up? I know I did, her name was dondy. Sometimes I don’t think she was my imaginary friend, but more of a guardian angel. I miss having her around to be honest.

When I first read this prompt my heart broke for all the imaginary friends in the world. I feel like they play a major part in a lot of kids lives, it’s just sad that one day they will be forgotten.

It also reminded me of a movie called Drop Dead Fred.

One of my favorite movies as a kid. It was so weird. Not a lot of people have seen it either. Have you seen it?

See you next Wednesday with a super awesome story for this prompt!


RIP Wes Craven

wes craven

Hello Nerds.

You may or may not know this, but I am a huge horror movie fan. I love the whole genre. I love the gory ones, the psychological ones. I love them all…except Saw. I hate the Saw movies.

I have loved horror since I was 3 years old. One of the earliest horror movies I remember is A nightmare on Elm Street. Obviously written and directed by Wes Craven. While I laugh at the movie and how corny it is now, I was terrified and loved it as a child. I still love it, it just doesn’t scare me so much anymore.

But, there is still Wes Craven and his many wonderful movies. I found out late the other night that he had passed away and I felt like the horror genre had lost a true master of horror.

I didn’t like the Hills Have Eyes, maybe because it still freaks me out…But it was one of those movies that made you jerk awake at night and check the dark corners of your room. My Soul to Take…I could watch that movie a hundred times and still wan to see it again.

It is sad to see such a great writer, producer, and director leave the world. So this is my shout out to the great man of horror. May he rest in peace and may his memory live on. Farewell Mr. Craven!

Did you have a favorite movie by Wes Craven?


What Are You Reading?

A Good Book

Hello Nerds. What are you reading this week?

I was really hoping to have one of these books finished this past week…but I have been going to bed so tired that I haven’t read much. The rest of the day has been filled with work or trying to catch up on some shows. I really need to buckle down with this reading!

I am still reading Small Favor by Jim Butcher


Rogue by Julie Kagawa


Though, to be honest, this one is almost over. I know for a fact that I will finish this book this week.

Sortilege by C.M. Cox


I am almost done with this one too.

And I picked up an extra one this week. The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld.


I read this book a few years ago, but never finished the series. It was also my latest TBR jar draw. When I went to put it on my “Currently Reading” list on Goodreads I was shocked to find out who Scott Westerfeld was! I didn’t even know I had read any of his books before. If you had asked me to name 10 authors just a few years ago I totally would not have been able to name even 5. Now I know names and I am creating a whole new list of favorites.

And a side note…

Blurry image…sorry about that. I got all of these books at the Dollar Tree. Yay! I haven’t even looked them up yet. lol

So, what are you reading?


Fitness Sunday: Week 26

WIll it be easy

Happy Sunday Nerds!

Last Weeks Weight: 217
This Weeks Weight: 215

YES!! I was hoping for 2 pounds this week. I have not been working out more and I have been eating things that I shouldn’t be. But I lost 2 pounds. THANK YOU!! I am so excited for this. I feel like my body has finally figured out how to combat the fat. Or maybe I have been doing more and not realizing it. What ever the case, I am terribly happy and I don’t want to do anything to mess it up.

I don’t have any serious plans this week as far as weight loss goes. I would love to loss two more pounds. I need to get back to eating healthier and not letting my mood dictate what I eat. I really need to get in more workouts too. I have been doing squats, sit ups, crunches, and pushups. I even tried to add lunges in all of it…but that didn’t go over well. My ankle can not handle lunges.

I am trying to work around my injured ankle, yet still make sure both sides are even. I don’t want a bad ankle to put me down or out. I don’t want to use it as an excuse. But, when I returned to work this week after vacation, my ankle had trouble adjusting to the work again. I came home a few nights in so much pain that I was almost in tears.

Not to worry though, I plan on making it back to the doctor to see what they can do about getting me 100% better. I really hope I can get this fixed without surgery or anything crazy. And I hope that I have not damaged myself beyond repair.

The main and most important thing though is that I have lost weight and I am still losing weight. I may have become a little obsessed with what I eat and all that good stuff, but maybe that is what I have needed all along.


500 Writing Prompts: The Beach

Sand and Sea

Hello Nerds

I am getting bored with Pin-it Saturday. So…I will be doing this until I get bored with it. Why? Well, this way you can get to know a little bit more about me and I have 500 writing prompts…that is 500 Saturdays where I just open a book and answer a question. I am down for that. :)

This weeks prompt was:
You’re barefoot in the sand on a beach, and the waves run over your toes. Describe what you are feeling.

My Answer:
The first wave was cold, that is all I could think as I held back a squeal of childhood memories. Then, I felt relief because it was a sign that some things in life never change. I once loved the ocean, then feared it only because I had been away from it for so long. Now I realize that my love for it had not disappeared, it had just hidden to keep myself from missing the wonderful joy the ocean brings. I will always love the sand between my toes and running from the chasing waves. I will love standing knee deep in the ocean and feel the tide push and pull at my legs.

I feel calm, peaceful, and happy. I am connected to every part of life in that one second. Land, sea, sky, and living. For a moment I am the center of the universe. For a moment I am perfect.

It’s not just the water rushing over my feet. It’s looking into the distance and seeing nothing but water. A knowing that there are still things in this world to discover. There is a whole world below the mirrored surface that we have yet to see. The water rushing over my feet has been there. It has seen the wonders of the ocean and it has come to tell us all about, if we just listen we may even hear the song of the mermaids among the waves.

I would love for you to join in the prompt fun. Have a go at it.


Author Interview: Toby Downton

Toby Downton

Hello Nerds!

Tuesday I posted a reivew of Solarversia, a novel by Toby Downton. Great news, I was lucky to get an interview with the author! I was supposed to share this with you yesterday, but my slacking nature and need to procrastinate put me a day behind. So, without further delay, I present to you…



  1. What inspired Solarversia?

I spent ten years searching for meaning in my life. What was I here to do? What is this thing called life and where did it come from? I read lots, travelled lots and met a ton of people. In 2010, a lot of the stuff I’d learned about came together in a vision of sorts – the idea for a year-long game played in a virtual world had arrived. There are many, many things, ideas and people that I can see reflected in the book. Willy Wonka, P.T. Barnum (the great American showman), The Burning Man festival (which I attended in 2011), and something called The Million Dollar Homepage – they’re all in there!

  1. What kind of research did you have to do?

I had to start with the basics. I hadn’t written a single word of creative writing since primary school, when my stories tended to end with me waking up from a dream. So a lot of my research was actually learning how to write. I’m talking the basics here – the distinction between “showing” and “telling” for instance.

  1. Could you briefly explain your research method?

I think research is easier than it’s been at any point in history. The internet probably solved 95% of the many questions and queries I had. And it probably helped me solve the other 5% indirectly by helping me find the person I needed to talk to. It helped me find my editor, proofreader and cover artist for instance. I asked a couple of questions on the maths subreddit, and also used the books in my library for digging into some the technical questions I had.

  1. Overall, how long did it take you to write Solarversia?

It took three months to create the plot and then one year to write the book, which took five drafts. Naturally, draft one took the longest, maybe six months or so, with the proceeding drafts taking less and less time, as you’d expect. So 15 months in total. But a fair amount of that time I spent on marketing too – contacting people on Twitter and directing them to my website where I offered them a free copy of the book if they signed up to the newsletter. I reckon the time split between writing and marketing was roughly 60/40.

  1. Do you have any other works in the making right now?

I’m currently working on a novella for my company Matter, the company I took a year’s sabbatical from in order to write the book. It’s a fictionalized day-in-the-life thing, where the days are in the years 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040 and 2045. It shows the progression of technology and the impact on society and culture. Hoping to publish it by Christmas.

  1. What was your greatest struggle while writing this book?

There were several occasions when my editor pointed out serious issues with the story as it stood. For example, halfway through the first draft she rightly pointed out that the various narratives weren’t interweaved in a cohesive manner. It felt like a huge blow at the time, because I knew that she was 100% correct in what she was saying. It required a lot of thinking and reworking and it was a struggle to find the energy and motivation to keep going on a couple of occasions.

  1. What inspired you to start writing?

The Facebook purchase of Oculus Rift in March 2014 was the single event that inspired me, there’s no doubting that (I started working on the plot only a few days after the announcement). I knew that there was no better time in history to be writing a book about a game played in virtual reality and I desperately wanted it to come out in time for the launch of VR headsets onto the consumer market.

  1. Do you have a favorite spot to write?

I don’t have one yet! I prefer an office environment: a tidy desk, a cup of tea and bit of background noise.

  1. Who is your favorite author?

Iain M. Banks, I love his sci-fi stuff, it’s incredible. I want to build the Culture – the interstellar anarchist utopian society he created – for real.

  1. What was your end goal when you started writing Solarversia?

The book is meant as a promotional tool for the real world game of Solarversia, which I’d like to launch on the same date in 2020. The goal was to show people the kind of company I wanted to create, and the kind of immersive game I think people want to play. The goal is to get a traditional publishing deal, to sell the movie rights, and to attract venture capital to make the game for real so that people can actually play it.

  1. What have you learned from the process of self-publishing?

I’ve learned that you need to treat the enterprise like a proper business. Every aspect that a traditional publisher handles for its authors is something that needs to be tackled: the cover art, the editing, the proofreading, and the marketing. To stand any chance of success, these things need to be done professionally because readers are discerning, and can be unforgiving.

  1. If you could go back, what would you have done differently?

I would have spent more time with my editor at the start of the project, going through the plot. If we’d have spent a few more hours going through it together I reckon I could have saved myself about 50 hours of additional work later on.

  1. Why did you decide to self-publish as opposed to traditional publishing?

The first reason concerns the amount of control you have. The things I mentioned above that you need to do for yourself; you have 100% control over them. It might mean a lot of additional work, but it’s also very liberating. The second reason concerns the deadline I was facing – wanting to get the book out in time for the release of the Oculus Rift headset. There was no way I was going to get it published in time if I went the traditional route; it just takes far too long. Because I’ve self-published, my book will be out six months before Oculus, as opposed to six months after it! To be clear, I didn’t even consider traditional publishing.

  1. How did the cover art come about? I think the cover is wonderful.

Thanks! I went to and chose someone who had created several thousand book covers and received lots of positive feedback. The process involved me having to choose an image from a stock photography site. Naturally I searched for terms like “virtual reality” and shortlisted about twenty pictures. The one I chose incorporated many of the elements from the book. Obviously the eyes are organ of vision, the most important way of perceiving reality, virtual or otherwise. Overlaid on that was a grid, which represents the Player’s Grid, and around the eye were a bunch of numbers, representing the Player Numbers. It just seemed to work so well, and, importantly, still looked good at thumbnail size.

  1. Outside of writing, what other hobbies do you have a passion for?

Reading (of course!), travelling, meeting new people and learning about new things. As you might expect, given the themes within the book, I’m especially interested in evolution and futurology. Where is mankind going, and how much control do we have over our collective destiny?

  1. Are there any authors that inspired your work on Solarversia?

Ernie Cline (author of Ready Player One) and Hugh Howey (author of the brilliant Wool trilogy) were two big inspirations. Ernie proved that you can write a best-selling book about a game played in virtual reality – he led the way. Hugh’s writing is amazingly good, but he also blogs a lot on the topic of self-publishing and his posts have been incredibly useful.

  1. What was your biggest fear when sending off your novel for its first round of editing by someone other than yourself?

It didn’t really work like that for me. I found Helena (my editor) early on in the process when I’d written only three or four chapters. We worked together on a chapter-by-chapter basis from then on. I was more excited than scared when sending new chapters to her because her feedback was always so insightful. And I loved it when she me praised my work – I felt like a school kid receiving a gold star from my favourite teacher.

  1. Did you ever stop and question your own writing? Was there a moment in writing and editing that you considered not publishing your novel?

Many times (in answer to the first question). Because I’d spent three months working on a plot I always knew roughly what scene was coming up. But then I’d come to actually write some of them and wonder how the hell I would actually do it. Sometimes the ideas I’d had didn’t translate very well into something that was interesting from the perspective of the narrative, so I needed to change tack somewhat. But not once did things get so bad that I considered not publishing it, not even for a single second.

  1. Would you traditionally publish if a publishing company approached you about Solarversia?

Absolutely! I think it’s every self-published author’s dream for their book to be successful enough that a traditional publisher takes note and wants to sign them. I think you’d be a fool not to sign up, given that traditional publishers are still the only real way to get your book into retail stores. That’s the missing element for me, and the value a traditional publisher would provide me. Stay tuned!

  1. Last question, where on the internet can your readers find you?

First and foremost they should check out my About page to get a quick taste of what’s in store for them. My promotional strategy is focused around something called the Golden Grid, which is a 10×10 section of the Player’s Grid. If the book sounds interesting, people should read and review it on Amazon before the 30th September so they can participate in the first competition – Lowest Unique Number – which is one of the challenges Nova, the protagonist, faces in the book at one stage. The winner of that game will win square number 993, which is very central. And as readers of the book know, the central squares are the cool ones! After that, at some point in October, there’ll be a Solarversia quiz to win square number 1897. Also, I’m on Twitter and make a great effort to reply to anyone who tweets me. Come and say hello!


A major thank you to Toby for suffering through my questions and for allowing me early access to this really awesome novel. The novel will be released August 31st and I suggest you all jump on this bandwagon before it takes off with out you.

**Are you a self published author? Are you looking for a few people to do a review for your novel? Hit me up on my contact page. If you are willing, I need more authors for my monthly spotlight.**


A Little Inspiration

I know I usually do this on Fridays, but this week has been a little weird. I’m finding it hard to get back into routine, my mind is still on the beach. I was supposed to share and author interview with you all today, but I forgot to prepare the post. I am so sorry about that. So, I will share that tomorrow and today I will give you some inspiration because sometimes Thursdays are just as hard as Fridays.



This is one of those things that I need to learn myself. So many times I have let my feat get in the way of amazing chances.



This is my favorite. In today’s society we often hear “That’s impossible”, or “You can’t/won’t do that.” Forget all the nay sayers. Do what makes you happy. Dream big, fight hard, and never give up. It’s the one thing that drives us all.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thursday. I have a feeling it will be great for all of us.


Prompt Challenge: 6-4 Little Fighter

August Prompt Title

Hello Nerds, here it is. The last prompt of August. I can’t believe this month has gone by so fast. This short story is a little inspirational. I hope you all receive the message in this one.

August Prompt

5 Nerd Girl Rating

6-4 Little Fighter

Sonya sat in the floor of her bedroom. The night was quiet and the whole neighborhood was dark due to the mandatory power outage. A few months ago, Sonya would be in bed with a flashlight, but things had changed. Sonya had not read in weeks, she just didn’t feel the drive to do so anymore. Actually, she didn’t feel the drive to do anything anymore. She loved when the whole neighborhood went black, because it matched the darkness growing inside of her. It was the only time she would let herself cry, the only time she could stop hiding and finally give in to the ache that had buried itself deep in the pit of her stomach.

She wasn’t always so depressed and no one had noticed the change in her. She wouldn’t let them see it. She was supposed to be strong, a leader. That is what they all expected from her and she couldn’t let them down. She tried to figure out where her sadness had come from, but there was nothing major happening in her life. She lived alone and didn’t hang out with friends much. Or rather, they didn’t hang out with her anymore. They all had other things to do, families to take care of, jobs to succeed in. Sonya had a job, but she sat at a desk in a lonely office, waiting for someone to need her.

That is what brought her to the point she was at. Sitting in her bedroom floor, a razor in one hand and the other hand full of sleeping pills. She was going to make sure no one could save her. She couldn’t be the leader anymore, the strong one. Life was too lonely and she just couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m done.” She said to the darkness.

“Don’t do it.” Another voice entered the room. Sonya jumped.

“Who are you? Who is there?” A flash light clicked on and a man stood in the door frame.

“My name is Blaze.” He said, moving to sit in front of Sonya.

“Why are you here?”

“To save you, of course.” He said, smiling at her.

“You can’t save me.” Sonya said, looking away from Blaze.

“No, you are right.” He said. Sonya looked at him, bewilderment filling her eyes. “I can’t save you, the only one that can save you is yourself.” He patted her hand.

“I don’t want to save me.” She whispered.

“But you do.” Blaze laughed. “If you didn’t want to save yourself, you would have already taken the pills at least.” Sonya realized she was no longer holding the pills.

“Where did they go?” She asked, searching the floor for them.

“They are already gone, Sonya.” His smile never fading. “You are fighting a battle with your inner demons. You are winning. Keep fighting.”

“I have nothing to fight for.” Sonya said as a tear raced down her cheek. Blaze swiped it away.

“You have everything to fight for.” He said. “You don’t need someone or something to fight for. You just have to fight for you.”

“I’m not worth fighting for.”

“Everyone is worth fighting for. No matter what you think of yourself, or what you think others think of you. You are a person who deserves to breathe the air as much as the next. You are special.”

“Yeah? What makes me so special?”

“You are alive, unique, and beautiful. You are Sonya. Even if you were not a leader, you would still be important. Every life has a purpose, we just don’t always get to know that purpose.”

“What if my purpose is to die?” Sonya asked.

“Would you be thinking about it this hard if you really felt that way?” He asked. “Look at your other hand.”

“Where did the razor go?” Sonya asked, confused as to why her hands were empty now.

“You never had either one, you only thought you did.” Blaze stood up. “Sadness is within all of us. We battle it every day. No one is better than the other at battling it, some days are just harder than others. In a room full of friends we feel completely alone. No one can understand the battle in your own head. We are alone, but we are also part of a group.”

“A group of nut jobs, it sounds like.” Sonya snorted.

“Maybe so.” Blaze said, holding his hand out to Sonya. She took his hand and let him pull her up from the floor. “But we are special nut jobs. All of us. We serve a purpose of some sort. Maybe your purpose is to lead, or to make others smile. Maybe your purpose is just to keep fighting and show others it’s possible.” Blaze cut out his flashlight. “Just remember that you are always special in some way. Never give up, never surrender. Just keep fighting.”

Sonya didn’t say anything, she just sat down on her bed and stared at the direction she thought Blaze was in. And it was that exact moment that the power came back on…Blaze was gone.

Sonya never saw Blaze again and wondered how much of that night was real. What she never questioned, was the lesson she learned from it. She was not alone and she could fight until the day she drew her last breath.

Plus Mustache