What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading

Hello Nerds!

Can I call you nerds? I’m going with it. If you get offended you must not understand how awesome it is to be a nerd… I have been called a nerd for most of my life and it suits me.

Moving on! What am I reading this week? A lot of the same from last week really.

I am back to The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and currently reading Small Favors


I haven’t been reading the Dresden Files books because I have been reading so much of everything else. But, I missed Mr. Dresden and I had to go back to him. I forgot how much I love him.

I am slowly making my way through Forging Divinity by Andrew Rowe. It has been a little slow but I am finally getting to the meat of the book and kind of like it.


I am still reading An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. It’s so good!


For TRB I am reading The Watchtower by Darke Conteur. I don’t have much to say about it right now as I haven’t read much at all. But I am hoping to get through it this week. It’s a short novel, only 90 pages long, so I should be able to power through it pretty quick.


And lastly, I started a new audio book this week. It’s another book by Julie Kagawa, Talon. So far I like the story, but the person reading the book has such a bland and boring voice. I’m starting to wonder if I would be better off reading this book instead of listening to it.


Tell me, what are you reading this week?


Fitness Sunday: Week 18

Fitness Sunday

This week has not been good. It started out good. My weight stayed down for most of the week. Then it all fell apart. I don’t know if it’s stress or what, but my weight went back up. I haven’t been working out which is bad. I was supposed to start working out everyday starting Wednesday, but that didn’t happen.

I have no extravagant plans for this week other than making sure I work out and paying better attention to what I am eating.

I am getting down to the wire here. I have a goal for my birthday. I have a goal for Halloween and Christmas and New Years day. I want to be at my overall goal before New Years day. But my first goal is on August 21st. If I miss this goal all the other goals are going to be that much harder to hit.

I just have to buckle down and get on it. I have to eat better and work out. I could cut out all my favorite things and then slowly reintroduce them once I get to my final destination. But that will only make me crave it all more.

I just have to stop letting life get to me and start doing better with my health. I will be at my goal by my birthday. There is no option for this, it’s a must, mandatory.

How is your fitness going?


Happy 4th!

I’m going to skip Pin-it Saturday today and just say Happy 4th of July!

So far I have spent my day cleaning, and then I will be headed to work. I am missing out on the cookout at my house…because of work. I’m just a little bitter about it. We even have fire works this year and I will be stuck at work…

Have a safe and happy holiday for those of you in the U.S. For the rest of my readers, if I have any outside of the US, enjoy the fact that you are not working on a holiday while your family is at home having fun, eating hot dogs, and shooting fireworks without you.

My dad even told me he would have a few hot dogs ready before I left for work…Obviously that didn’t happen. Life…


Down The Rabbit Hole

This past week has been a little rough. I sometimes get so lost in the books that I am reading that life just becomes dull and useless. It’s usually the stepping stone to depression, the first step to falling down the rabbit hole. Only, instead of wonderland I end up in a much darker place, though if you really think about it, Wonderland was a pretty dark place.

Getting lost in a book is great. For the most part anyways. It’s when you have to put that book down and rejoin the real world. That moment you realize “Oh, that was all in my head.” It’s like a culture shock because you were so taken by the book that the only thing that mattered was whatever was going on in the book.

And then there are the mood swings. I am usually a very happy person. But when I read a book where things are a little darker, it ruins my mood. My mood is very often dictated by whatever is going on in a story. That is actually one of the reasons why I read so many books at a time. Especially if one book is a heavy book. I have to read something where the characters are partially happy most of  the time.

And honestly, I hate books with love stories where the characters are always getting into fights or being split apart. All I can think about is if those characters will be together in the end. It eats up my soul. I will stay up all night just to get to a part where the characters are together and okay, even if it’s just until the next chapter or scene.

I’m I weird? Or is this a normal thing for all the book nerds out there?

I spent all of last weekend reading and when I had to go back to work Monday, I just sent myself into a downward spiral. I have been trying to pull myself out of this hole since then. And when I think I am making head way, I slip.

Now it has nothing to do with the stories that I am reading, but the stories I have read. It’s about how life can be so boring and how I want nothing more than adventure and some meaning to everyday life. Something other than paying bills and working. Something where I am working towards something, anything.

And it’s moments like this that I realize I need to write more. While I can not read all the time, I can always tell myself a story. I can write without a pen and paper. I can tell stories all day and write them down later. But in the end, my goal to make this life a little better is to get lost in my own story. To create a world like Harry Potter or Panem.

While I am trying to make my way out of this dark rabbit hole I am working on falling into another one. One that is created for myself and not by the emotions swirling around me. There has to be some kind of comfort out there, some reason for it all. Something that will calm the commotion raging within my heart.


Hello July!

Hello July

Wow…June went by so fast! I can’t believe how fast it went. Let me take a look back at the books I read last month.

I’m actually shocked, I managed to read 7 books this month. Last month I read 8 so I am only one less than last month. And I think that has to do with a few of them last month being a tad shorter.

July Books

My favorite was The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. I am still reeling over how much I loved that book. As soon as I get a chance I am totally re-reading it. I didn’t actually read The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa, I actually listened to it. But it still counts.

I didn’t do much writing in June other than the short stories. Which I still wrote 4 and I can’t believe I am still keeping up with it. If you missed it you can check out all of the writing prompts up until now HERE.

Also, in case you missed it, July’s writing prompt is this…

July Prompt

Creepy? Exciting? A little bit of both? I can’t wait to write more stories with this prompt.

I have a few goals for this month. So…since I have avoided list for a while, here you go, a list of goals for this month, though a short list.

  1. I want to read 7 more books this month though, 8 would be better
  2. I will post a blog everyday. Which I did this past month and I have seen an increase in followers. Yay!
  3. Do a little more writing or editing. Whatever I need to do to work on novels. I really need to get back to my novels.
  4. Read more blogs. I want to find more bloggers that I enjoy reading. I want to find more bloggers that write or read as much as I do. There is a whole community of people out there that I am missing out on.
  5. Get a few more movie reviews into my blog. I have been slacking recently.
  6. Post a book review a week. This should be easy, since I have so many books to review right now. I like doing them and getting my thoughts on the books I read out to the world. I don’t care if you like reading reviews or not, I am a very opinionated person and I must share my opinions!

That is all I got. This should be a great month of things. And let’s not forget that we have another author interview this month. I can’t wait, though it may come later in the month than the other interviews. I still haven’t finished the book nor interviewed the author. I kind of let June get away from me…

Do you have any plans for this month?


Writing Prompt 5-1: The Lonely Girl

July Prompt Challenge

Yay! I honestly love these prompt challenges. This months is going to be fun, it can go so many places. Though, the first one may not be my best work. So, you have been warned.

July Prompt

5 Nerd Girl Rating

5-1 The Lonely Girl

It has been two weeks in my new place, my first apartment. To be honest, I didn’t want to move out of my parent’s house. I don’t do well with being alone. I think too much and scare myself or send myself into a deep depression. I would have friends over all the time, if I had any. Mom thought me moving out would be good for me. She thought I would make new friends and gain a new sense of independence. I wish she had been right, or maybe giving it two weeks is not enough time.

Two weeks is a long time for a lonely person. It feels like I have not seen anyone in months. I go to work and come home. I go to the grocery store once a week with my mom, but then it’s back home. I call my parent’s every day, but I keep it short so I don’t bother them. I know they would argue that I am not a bother, but why else would they want me out of the house? If they really knew me, they would understand the danger they are putting me in, setting me out on my own. It only took three days before the newness of living alone wore off. It was fun at first.

At night I stare at the ceiling, unable to sleep. There are too many noises from the walls and the neighbors. The floors creak, the walls crack, and something keeps knocking on the window. Yeah, every night around midnight, something knocks on my window. The window where there is no balcony. I am on the third floor and something keeps knocking on my window. I try to tell myself that it’s a bird or some silly neighbor that found a way to knock on my window. I never get up to see what it is. I am terrified something will be floating around out there, waiting for me to acknowledge its presence.

But tonight, tonight I will go to the window. I have not stopped staring at it. Midnight is just a minute away and I know it will happen again. I will finally see what is knocking on my window. I don’t know what I will do when I figure it out. If it’s a bird, I will just go to sleep. Maybe a bat, still I can just go to sleep, knowing some wild critter is the one bothering me. If it’s a neighbor I will call the landlord and make sure things are taken care of.

The clock turns over to midnight. Finally, I will see what this is, what is bugging me, what is trying to turn me into some crazed maniac. I wait for what feels like forever and nothing happens. I glance at the clock, it’s still midnight and that is when I hear it. The knocking loud and clear just like every other night. I jump from my bed and rush to the window, but nothing. There is nothing. No sign of anything. But this time, the knocking comes again. It wasn’t the window. I glance over to my mirror. The floor length mirror that was given to me by my grandmother.

The knock comes again. And I finally realize that the knocking never came from the window, it came from the mirror. My heart races, this is far worse than a knock from a window. Who knocks on a mirror?

I make my way to stand in front of the mirror. “Hello?” I ask, as if it is normal for something to knock on your window. I’m probably opening some kind of portal to some demon world, just by talking to the knocking. I jump when a face appears. Her smile is bright and almost like mine, but different. My eyes are green, but hers are a frosty blue. My hair is black, but hers is white. My skin has a slight tan, but hers is pale. I stare at the girl, afraid to speak, afraid to move. She waves as the rest of her body comes into view.

“Hi.” She says gleefully. “I’m Pax.” Her smile is bright and wide and she seems to float around the mirror. “I’m so glad you finally said hello. I almost gave up.” She laughs and it echoes through the room. “It’s so lonely here, I just wanted a friend. I never would have knocked while we still lived with your parents.”

“You live in my mirror?”

“Yes.” She giggles. “Where else would I live?”

“Who are you?”

“Pax., silly.” She flips around the mirror and dances to imaginary music. “It’s so fantastic to finally talk to you.” Then she stops and stares at me, frowning. “You have been so sad lately; I just wanted to cheer you up.”

“Can you get out of the mirror?”

“Only if you want me to.” She sings and giggles again. What a strange creature she is.

“Okay, then yes. Come out of the mirror. It’s weird talking to a mirror.”

“All you have to do is touch my hand.” She smiles. “Then I can come out and play.”

“Okay.” I say, curious. I have always wanted a friend and she seems nice.  I pause before my hand presses to the glass. “What happens once you are out?” I ask.

“We become best friends, of course.” She laughs. So much laughter. I feel my own smile grow at the thought of having a friend. Finally, I will not be alone in the world. And more than likely this girl already knows all my secrets. I have never had a best friend before. I sigh with relief and touch her hand. The mirror is cold and it gets colder as I hold my hand there.

The room starts to spin and Pax’s laughter fills the room. I close my eyes to tight as the mirror starts to glow a bright white and I almost pull away, but Pax holds on to my hand. Before I can see anything, my vision goes dark and I pass out.

“Alex!” I hear a voice call me. “Wake up.”

“What?” I mumble as I sit up. I am on my bedroom floor, in front of the mirror. “Pax?”

“Yep, it’s me.” I look at the mirror and she is still there.

“I thought you would get out if I touched the mirror?”

“Silly, you did touch the mirror and I am out.” She smiles at me. I notice that she no longer looks like she is floating. I look around my room and realize that everything seems backwards, something is off.

“We switched places?” I ask her. She giggles and twirls around in the only dress that was in my closet.

“How else was I going to get out?” She sung. “I just had to wait for the right time. And now it was the right time.”

“Let me out.” I say, feeling miserable.

“Nope.” She says, her smile fading.

“I have been in that stupid world for far too long. It’s your turn. You didn’t like your life here any ways.” She left the room as I screamed and bang against the glass. She wasn’t coming back, and I was stuck.

2 Years Later

The joke is on Pax. I made friends in this new world. I enjoy the mirrored world far more than my world. The people here took me in and adopted me. I’m almost like a celebrity. The mirror has been moved back to my parents, but Pax is nowhere to be found. The last time I spoke to her, she was miserable. No one wanted to talk to her, they all thought she was too weird. She couldn’t hold a job, she said it was just too hard. She wanted to switch back. She wanted to come back to her world. I wouldn’t let her. I was finally happy and she wasn’t going to take that away from me. I finally felt as if I belonged and the silly little fairy girl couldn’t take it back. I had everything I wanted. I have a small group of really great friends. I even have a boyfriend, which is weird because he isn’t exactly human, but human enough. I have my own place where all my friends hang out at all the time. There is no way I am giving this up. I don’t even have to work or pay rent. We just hang out all day and have fun. You would think that it would get boring, but there is so much more to this world to explore.

I have considered breaking the mirror, but I can still see my parents from time to time. I do love them and want to make sure they are happy. I think they know that wherever I am I am happy. Mom has even spoken to the mirror, as if she knows I am here. Maybe she does. Maybe Pax tried to trick my mother before. Who knows. I don’t really care though. My parents are happy, I am happy, and Pax is suffering for her cruelty. I might go back one day, but I don’t really plan on it right now.

Plus Mustache

I hope you enjoyed it!


Book Review: The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

The Eternity Cure


5 Nerd Girl Rating

Author: Julie Kagawa
Release Date: April 30th, 2013
Series: Blood of Eden
Genre: YA/Sci-Fi/Dystopian/Fantasy/Paranormal/Post Apocalyptic
Pages: 434
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Buy it : Amazon, B&N, Other

First Line: I smelled blood as soon as I walked into the room.

Synopsis: Alison has left behind the human boy she fell in love with, along with the humans she had helped keep safe. She was a monster, and she didn’t belong among the humans. There is also the issue that her sire is in trouble and she needs to find him, she owes him, she has to save him.

Her blood tie leads her in the direction of Kanin, her creator. Sarren, a crazy vampire out to kill Kanin, has him and is slowly killing him. Alison is determined to save him, even if Sarren is a lunatic and has already tried to kill her once.

Review: Warning: This review can and will more than likely have spoilers. Should you like to escape the threat of spoilers, please scroll down to the conclusion where you will find a short summary of my feelings for this novel and my plea for you to read this series. You have been warned.

This novel. This whole story. Alison and Kanin. Sarren…Zeke. Oh, lovely, kind, sweet Zeke. I am not going to lie though, as much as I love Zeke, I may love Kanin more. I love a sexy vampire reeking of power.

And then there is Jackal. The vampire who won’t stay down. Though, I must say, Alison is a little tough on the guy. He is her blood brother after all. I kind of learned to love Jackal in this novel, though, with vampires like Sarren, it’s easy to love the much less evil vampire.

Alison follows her blood tie, and then when it breaks apart and there are two blood ties pulling her, she follows the strongest. Can I just say…WHAT? She knows that Kanin is hurt and weak, yet she follows the strongest blood tie? Fine, whatever. She finds Jackal and even though she wants to kill him, she lets him come along. Alison is scared to face Sarren alone and I don’t blame her.

But, enough about the fact that Jackal is still alive. Let’s talk about the fact that in New Covington, the place where Alison is from, the place she lived and died, Zeke is there! He isn’t safe in Eden like Alison thought. Nope, he came looking for her and found himself in a lot of trouble. As always, he is trying to find a way to save all the people around him. So noble of him, but why couldn’t he have just stayed in Eden where he was safe?!  And then he dies.

But let’s face it. He isn’t going to stay dead. The last bit of the novel you have Sarren talking to someone and while you may be thinking that it was Zeke’s dead body, you know better. Sarren isn’t that crazy and just killing the world with the Red lung virus isn’t going to be enough for him. He wants to make everyone suffer!

I do have one complaint. Why was Stick such a jerk?! Now that he is some vampires trained monkey he wants to act like Alison never saved his life. Hello! She died because of him! Ungrateful prick.

Sarren is one crazy vampire. He wants to destroy everything, but why? He has tortured Kanin, knowing that his children would come for him. And he doesn’t want to just stop with torturing Kanin and anyone tied to the master vampire. Sarren wants the whole world to suffer. What is this mans deal? Why is he so messed up? I sure hope we find out.

If you like vampire stories then you need to check out this series. I can’t help but to love it, even if people stop loving it after the first novel. I have loved every minute of it and can not wait to finish this series. The bond that Kanin has with Alison is fantastic. I love it. And the bickering between her and her blood brother makes me want to strangle both of them.

This was a great sequel and the cover is another simple, yet beautiful cover. Julie Kagawa is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.


What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading

I’m back up to speed with things now. I had the whole weekend off…and I did so much reading. I finally finished a book for TRB so I can get another review there. And I was so into the book that I read for it that I had to go buy the second book of the series. I was so mad. I hate when books end in such frustrating ways. UGH!

Anyways, on to the post. What am I reading this week?

Well, I finally have a TBR jar and I drew from it after I finished The Darkest Part of the Woods by Holly Black. OMG! Fantastic book! It was the first book I drew from my TBR jar. The second book was An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir.


So far this book has been pretty interesting. Rather fascinating really.

I am still reading Forging Divinity by Andrew Rowe, but I plan on finishing it this week, if not today.


I started reading Okay by Danielle Pearl. This is the second book in a series. The first I read for TRB and was so sick at the end from the emotional roller-coaster.


I think I am going to DNF Shackleton’s Folly by Yunker Todd


I just can not get into this book. I have tried again and again and I just…I can’t do it. I may give it one more shot this week, but that is it.

The last book, I am listening to the audio book. The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa. I am almost done with it. It takes me about a month to listen to one book because I listen while I am driving.


I am just hoping for a happy ending in this book because I can’t take anyone else dying.

That is all I have for this week. And yes, I am actively reading all of these books. I can’t help it. Maybe I just get bored to easily or my TBR list is just so long I can’t wait to finish one to move to the next, so I just read as many as possible at once.

Tell me, what are you reading right now? What book did you finish last week?


Fitness Sunday: Week 17

Fitness Sunday

This week has been pretty fantastic! I have actually lost a few pounds. Though, I got so frustrated that I stopped writing it down and I am not sure where I started out this week. All I know is that I have 19 pounds to go to reach my August goal. I only have about 6 weeks before my birthday (OMG!) but I think I can lose 19 pounds before then. It’s only about 3 pounds a week. If I really buckle down and do this thing, I think I can do it!

Nothing much is going to change from last week to this week. I will continue to have my parfait for breakfast, or overnight oatmeal. Have you ever tried overnight oatmeal? It’s pretty yummy! You can see a blog about it HERE. For mine I usually just do oats, almond milk, a little bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, walnuts (or almonds), and powdered peanut butter. I feel like the powdered peanut butter helps keep it from being too mushy. The mushyness bothers me a bit.

For lunch this week I am doing a salad with deli meat and cheese. The meat is buffalo style chicken breast and the cheese is extra sharp cheddar. The dressing that I will use is some vidalia onion stuff…

IMG_2750I got the regular and the lite…I don’t always like the light stuff, so I will try it first and I have the regular for back up. The original taste really good. I usually use ranch on my salad, but it has been so hot at work that I don’t dare put some kind of heavy dairy product on my tummy for lunch. I should actually reconsider the parfait for breakfast to be honest, but it’s just so good!

Anyways, here are the nutrition facts for the salad dressing…



Probably not much healthier than ranch dressing. But again, the only reason I am not using ranch is because of the dairy.

I have my usual grapes for fruit. I was going to by bananas but I always let them go bad…I really like them, I just forget that I have them and once I have eaten grapes I don’t really  desire any more fruit.

And of course, some dark chocolate for those days when I just need a piece of chocolate…which is like everyday.

I also found this on Pinterest:

Great way to track weight loss goals

And I kind of want to do something like this in my agenda. It will require me to sit down and figure out what my goals are and think of some kind of reward for myself. Though, the only reward I can really think of right now is more books…and if you follow my blog you know I have plenty of those right now and there is no way I am letting weight loss determine if I will buy a new book or not.

I will share what I come up with next week. Until then…how is your fitness life going?


Pin-it Saturday: Keeping Time

(Photo Credit)

Keeping track of time in a story is obviously important. It can also be extremely hard to do. When I wrote my first novel, I didn’t keep track of time very well. This is one of the reasons it is still sitting in my “needs to be edited” file. I tried really hard though. I wanted everything to happen over a period of days or weeks. I’m not sure I even accomplished that.

It’s funny how time can get away from you in a story, yet in reality we are always checking the time. At least I am. I am always watching a clock, or checking my phone for the time. There is always things that need to be done by a certain time.

At work, if I open the store, I start 10 minute breaks at 11. Everyone gets a break before the lunch crowd. And I try to have at least one batch of freight out by 12. That never happens, but I do have that set goal. If I am closing, I stop stocking at 6 to start cleaning the store and I make sure everyone has a break before 7.

Life is almost centered around time. We have set times to be awake, to go to sleep. Some people set a time for showers and baths, or set a limit to how long they will take in the water. We set times to leave for vacation, or work, and appointments. Time is just always there.

Yet, when you sit down to write a story, at least when I do, all of time is forgotten.So how do we keep track of time in a story? THIS article gives a few suggestions. I remember being in school writing out timelines. Maybe this is something that needs to be incorporated into my writing as well, sitting down and writing a timeline. Of course, this could all go along with writing an outline…which I have never really done for a novel either.

So tell me, writers of the world, how do you keep up with time in your novel? And do you think it is really important?