Fitness Sunday: Week 4

Fitness Sunday

There isn’t much to report this week. I haven’t been terribly bad, but I haven’t been good. I love lost no weight, but I haven’t gained any either.

I tell people all the time, when I do lose weight, I will be a pro at maintaining it!

I know I am not trying hard enough. I let stress get to me. I let my cravings control me. I use the excuse that my ankle hurts to get out of working out. Or, the fact that my cousin has my Yoga DVD that I want to do. I have a ton of other workout DVD’s but they involve a lot of jumping around and other things that I honestly can not do at the moment.

Yes, my ankle is a good reason to not do some workouts, but not a good reason to avoid working out all together. I haven’t done a single push-up, sit-up, or squat in weeks. Unless you count the squats at work to put stuff on a shelf.

The only good news I have is that I have consistently drank 3 liters of water a day for almost 3 weeks now. Or close to it. It’s the first step to being a better me. I may be slow at getting everything going, but don’t they say that slow and easy wins the race?

I plan on doing better this week. I just have to get off my lazy butt. It’s not like I actually sit around all day. I am usually at work or in the kitchen baking. Or doing some other kind of craft. I don’t watch a lot of TV or play a lot of games. But I do tend to spend a lot of time at my computer, writing blog post, short stories, and building a group on DeviantArt. I do have a bad habit of getting lost in YouTube videos as well.

I have been taking my lunch to work every day and I have cut down on what I buy at work. I don’t buy as much candy or other junk food. I make sure to take enough snacks to get me through the day at work and I try to stay busy at work so I don’t think about food.

It’s really sad when you realize that your life basically revolves around food. I think about what I can’t have, what I want, what my body feels like it just needs. When I am stressed I eat…yes, I am a stress eater. I wish I was one of those people that used exercise to beat stress, but going to the gym is a pain in the butt and I often don’t have the proper time to go to the gym. Which is why I need to clean my room so I have all I need at home. I just have to find some way to beat stress while I am at work. That is where the biggest problem is.


Pin-It Saturday: Name That Novel

Pin it

Here we are again my friends. Another Saturday and another pin. Seriously, this has been a ton of fun for me, to go through my Pinterest board and write my own thoughts on the matter. Although, I do need to start reading more of these articles through the week instead of waiting until Thursday or Friday to go through the list. I also need a way to remember what all I have used for the Pin-it Saturday posts.

This week I found a nifty little article on naming your novel. You can find the post HERE.

I have written three novels. All three need to be revised and polished, but they are sitting in my files waiting for me to stop being lazy and take care of them. I have only named the first one I wrote and the name came from a short story I had written. The novel actually has nothing to do with the short story, I just borrowed character names from the short and put them in the novel. Once I finished the novel I realized how perfect the name of the short story was and how it would fit the novel.

Of course, now that I am in the stages of rewriting the novel I see that I may have been wrong in my choice of titles for it. Also, I am such a nerd and I want to make sure the title of the novel is said somewhere in the text. Yes, I am one of those weridos that giggle when a movie title is said in the movie. I don’t know why it pleases me so much, but it does.

My novel from NaNoWriMo was called “Looking for Complete” and half way through the story the title doesn’t fit the story at all. I had an idea of what the story was going to be, but it ended up being something that I hadn’t even considered.

So not only am I rewriting my novels and making them better, I am also looking for the perfect title. The article that I found on Pinterest actually gives a few really good tips on naming a novel. Hopefully it will come in handy when I am renaming my own novels.

What about you? How do you come up with a title for your novel? Are there any tips that help you pick titles for your work?


March Prompt Challenge: Wrapping it Up

March Prompt

This month has been a blast and one of the reasons that is has been so much fun is the prompt challenge. I have learned so much from writing these short stories and I really pushed my writers mind to go beyond the “first thought.”

I wanted to share a few things that I did learn from this experience.

  1. People like the shorter stories.
  2. I can write a shorter story and cover everything I want to.
  3. I don’t have to write out every single detail, the history, and background of every character. Sometimes the story itself is all the history you need. If it’s a different world then the one we live in (which is most stories I write) the reader will figure it out with the information you give.
  4. It is possible to write 4 stories using the same prompt, you just have to dig a little deeper.
  5. At the beginning I was trying to write all four stories in the future. I realized that I could also take a step back in time and write something in the past as well. I have no idea why I was trying to make every story as if it could only occur in the future.
  6. The best stories are the ones that are written and edited. Editing makes a huge difference!
  7. I can write several thousand words in an hour if I am really into the story and make myself sit down and do it.

My mind has been bent over backwards, flipped around, turned inside out, and thrown into a different reality. It has been an adventure through all the magical worlds a mind can go through. I wrote down a list of ideas at the start of the month and ended up scratching one and writing something totally different. It helped me rediscover my love of writing. I also learned that I can write something from an idea that was not my own.

I have loved this challenge and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I want to see this to the end of the year and possibly continue. Just think, by the end of the year I will have enough short stories to fill a book of short stories. I could sell that!


I have always questioned my talent of writing. I wonder if I have what it takes to write for the rest of my life, not just a series of the came characters. Now I know, that I can. And the best part about this prompt challenge is that I can better my own writing in the process. I can look back at these stories in a year from now and see that I have gotten better. I am destined to be a published author and this is just the road I have paved for myself.

Wednesday starts a whole new prompt challenge. I revealed it earlier in March, which I will not reveal the one for May as early. You can go right over HERE and read about the newest prompt challenge. But if you don’t feel like reading the post, here is the prompt challenge for April.


If you haven’t joined in the fun, I think you should. Especially if you are a writer yourself. You won’t believe how much fun it is!


I Can’t Decide!


I have said something about subscription boxes before, but I am pretty sure it was a while ago that I did so. So funny, because it was almost a year ago. The post can be found HERE. The one I had before was a nail polish subscription box. I love nail polish, but I have so much of it now that I just don’t need anymore right now. Besides, my work site is right beside a Sally’s Beauty Supply and they sale the good stuff!

I have been debating on getting another subscription box, but I want something a little more…nerdy. Something that speaks to who I am today instead of what I was a year ago. Seriously, it’s amazing how much I have changed in a year.

I have two choices for subscription boxes and I just don’t know which one to get!

There is the Nerd block


and then the Horror block.


If you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with horror movies. I love them so much, even the dumb ones. So…it seems like that would be the obvious choice.

But then I went to Youtube and watched all the unboxings of both and the Nerd block has amazing stuff too! They often come with the POP dolls that I love so much!

Both come with a t-shirt every month, so there is no help there. Which side of my heart do I follow? The horror half or the nerd half? Of course, I could do one for 6 months, then get the other, but what if I miss out on something amazing while I am subscribed to one and not the other. And which part of my little heart is bigger? The horror one of the nerd one?

What do I do?!!

Of course, I have ordered a Horror Block because it was on sale. Both boxes are close to 30 dollars a month, which is about 10 dollars more than most boxes. But…t-shirt!! I love t-shirts. *sigh*

My best bet at this point would be to just wait until I get my horror block and see what I think about it and go from there. But…why are there so many choices??

Do you subscribe to either or any subscription boxes?


Prompt Challenge 1-4: The Soul Riders

March Prompt

We have made it to another Wednesday full of awesome reading fun. I almost didn’t get this weeks done because I was too busy playing and didn’t think about the story too much. So, if there are issues with the story I am terribly sorry. I didn’t want to break my track record and I will make sure to edit this later. Fix what ever mistakes I have missed. Feel free to point them out.

I’m a little sad that this months challenge has come to an end. I love dragons and have had a ton of fun doing this. Look for a post Friday on the experience. and Next Wednesday look for the first story of the new prompt challenge!

Writing Prompt March


Soul Riders

Dragons have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Did you dragons mate for life? Or rather, they have a true love. It’s tragic in this day and age, because of the war. I have seen many men ripped apart at war because the dragons they rode were destined souls. I have also seen many dragons slain because they didn’t listen to their riders. Once a dragon knows who its soul mate is, they will do everything in their power to be together. Personally, I think it is a beautiful story. One thing that many people don’t realize is that dragons can have a soul rider as well. Only a handful of humans have found their soul dragon. Should that dragon find its soul mate as well, the human will can have two soul dragons.

I know I am not explaining this well. It’s a messy, confusing mystery and the only reason I understand it is because my father raises dragons. Because of this, I found my own soul dragon when I was only 14. Her name is Snow and she is the smallest dragon in the world. Though, don’t let that fool you because she still towers over me. Her head is bigger than me and I am six and a half feet tall. I was raised to be a warrior. I learned to ride my dragon into battle.

Snow is solid white and her eyes are as blue as the tropical seas. I have seen them, thanks to the graceful wings of Snow. We have traveled all over the world, delivering other dragons to their new owners. We have seen many days on the battle field as well. Even though Snow is smaller than all dragons, she makes up for it in her fierce fighting. She doesn’t hold back as she lets loose her fire that can melt the scales off any dragon. Aside from being the smallest, she is also the strongest, her fire burning hotter than any like her.

Snow and Eli, we are the pair that others fear, but our fighting days are over. Not because either of us is too old to fight, you are never too old to fight for your King. We have a new responsibility. Snow and I must return home because my father’s health is failing him, and it’s only a matter of time before the passes the torch on to me. I have been ready for this for a while, not losing my father, but raising the dragons myself.

It is what I have wanted since I was a child. I think I can do a better job than my father, as I understand them better than most riders. It is only because I have found my soul dragon that I understand them better. I believe that there are only a select few that even have a soul dragon, but the world is large and it is still possible that everyone has one, they just don’t always find them.

Most rider and dragon pairs, the soul pairs, are well known. They stand out from the crowd because of their greatness. My theory is that the only humans to have a soul dragon are the ones who are destined to do great things. I have proven myself to be great alongside my dragon, but I am not boasting. I am just pleased to have a dragon to call my own.

I was pulled from my thoughts as I heard a roar of a dragon from under us. “Snow, down.” I said through the wind rushing past me. She folded her wings behind her and soared below the clouds, opening her wings again as we came inches from the tree tops. Her feet touched the ground without a sound and she bowed her head to allow me to slide off. “Good girl.” I said, patting her nose as I turned to look through the forest.

I heard the sound again and was able to follow it, Snow close behind me. My heart sped up as I recognized the sound of a dragon in distress. Dragons where hunted, like most animals. My father and I had fought several hunters off our land and had lost one dragon in the past five years. With the war raging on, dragons were needed more than ever, but people were going about it the wrong way. If you get a dragon as a hatchling they will be loyal to you and only you, as long as they do not find their soul rider.

I followed the dragons cries, quickly and as quietly as the forest floor would allow.  Snow had left the ground and was flying above the clouds again, she knew where I was and would be back to help in seconds, should I need her.

I finally spotted the dragon. He was large with scales as black as a night with no moon. He was throwing fire, trying to escape the cage that trapped him, but he was getting nowhere. There were no other men around and I ran to the dragon, stepping back just as quickly when he threw his fire my way. Snow landed in front of me, taking the fire without a second thought. It didn’t hurt her, her scales protected her. She roared at the dragon in the catch and he coward.

I met his gaze and his blue eyes flashed with fear. I didn’t think a dragon could cry, but I saw a wet trickle slide from his eye and down his snout.

“It’s okay.” I told him as I made my way to the cage. “I am going to let you go.” I found the latch that would open the cage and released it. The cage top did not open. “Snow.” I looked up at my dragon as she turned to look at me. “Pull the top off.” I told her, motioning towards the cage. She lifted from the forest floor again and pulled the top off of the dragon. He spread his wings and tried to fly, crying out in pain again.

“What are you doing?” Someone shouted from behind the trees. I turned to face them, pulling my sword from my side.

“What are you doing?” I asked in response. A woman with long blond hair and vibrant green eyes came around the tree. She put her hands on her hips, not flinching as I raised my sword at her.

“Let him go.” She said, pointing to the dragon. “It’s cruel what you are doing. Hunting dragons and making them slaves to do your dirty work. They are creatures that should be free.” She stepped closer to me, anger laced her eyes. Her hand raised and came across my face with a loud pop and my cheek felt like it was on fire. Snow snarled behind me, but I raised a hand giving her the sign to stand down.

“First of all, ow.” I said rubbing my face. “Second, I am not hunting dragons. I heard him as I was riding by and come to set him free.” I put my sword back at my side and crossed my arms.

“Why? Because you have already enslaved one dragon? One is all you need?” She questioned.

“No, because I don’t hunt dragons.” I said to her. “Snow is my soul dragon.”

“You have a soul dragon?” Her eyes wide with surprise. “No way.” Excitement radiated from her and a smile crossed her face. “How do you know?”

“You just know.” I told her. “Once your eyes meet, there is a bond that is formed.”

“I think your dragon just found her soul mate.” The woman said as she stared behind me.

I looked behind me and watched as Snow nuzzled the black dragon. Yep, that is what had happened. It was about time, I was worried that Snow would never find her soul mate. “Good.” I said with a smile. “She deserves it.”

“She is beautiful.” The woman said.

“What is your name?” I asked her.

“What is yours?” She shot back. I laughed, the woman in from of me reminded me of Snow.

“I am Eli.” I told her. “And that is Snow.” I said pointing to the white dragon who was watching us closely now.

“My name is Adelaide.” She looked at the black dragon and paused. Her face grew pale and she gasped. “And his name is Thorn.” She said, breathless. “And he is mine.”

“How is that possible?” I asked. Usually dragons became the owner of their soul rider.

“Huh?” Adelaide asked. I explained to her how it worked, all while she stared at the dragon. “He is hurt.” She said, dismissing all that I had said.

“Yes.” I told her. “I can fix him.”

“Can you?”

“Yes.” She said to me, looking at me. “I am a healer.” She brought out her wand and flashed it in front of me. “I don’t actually need this, but it helps focus my power.”

“I have a dragon farm.” I told her. “I could use someone like you around.” She said a chant and pointed her wand at the dragon’s broken wing. “Do you live around here?”

“My home was destroyed by the war.” She frowned and a tear trickled down her cheek. “Try it now, Thorn.” She said, pleased with herself. The dragon spread his wings, flapping them once and lifting off the ground. He flew into the clouds and disappeared, with Snow on his tail.

“Come back to my farm with me.” I told her and our eyes met for the first time. A soul gaze was taking us as we realized that it was not just our dragons that were soul mates. We were soul mates as well. An ancient soul pairing that found one another time and time again.

“Eli…” She stared at me, confusion crossing her face. We had a history together. We had loved, died, and been born again so many times it was impossible to tell how old our souls were. She stepped back from me. “I will go with you.” She crossed her arms across her stomach and refused to look at me. “You will not touch me.”

“I wasn’t going to.” I told her, taking a step back myself. We had to get to know one another, but our fate had already been sealed. We would eventually fall in love, no matter how long we fought it. Not that I was going to fight it. It’s not every day that you find out the beautiful stranger in front of you is the woman you are destined to be with. I was always jealous of dragons, having soul mates. It never occurred to me that humans had the same.

“We should go before the hunters come back.” She said, whistling. Snow and Thorn landed side by side, both bowing their heads to allow their riders to mount them. My father would be pleased to know what has happened. If he was well enough to understand what had happened.

This morning, as I started on my journey home, the only thing in my mind was making my father proud. I would take over his business, raising the best dragons in the world, and maybe have a family of my own one day. Now, I knew that I would have a family of my own and my father would be able to pass in peace, knowing I had found love. Though, Adelaide didn’t know what I was planning in my mind, I had a feeling she was already thinking it through herself. You don’t try to fight fate, not when it comes to matters of the heart. Especially if that is the hearts of dragons.


I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


SC Comic Con 2015


It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I take pictures with people! lol

This past weekend was the second year of the SC Comic Con and it was so much bigger this year than it was last year. I was so super excited to go this year. I even asked for the weekend off just to make sure I could go. Yes, I am a big nerd and I ain’t afraid to admit it!

I didn’t actually get a lot of pictures of the event, I was too busy gawking at the amazing costumes and looking at all the nerdy crafts. It was a blast. The picture above is me with a bad guy from Doctor Who. It is from the episode “Silence in the Library.” It’s the first episode where you meet River. Also, it just so happens that the library is an entire planet…YES! A giant planet dedicated to being a ginormous library! It makes my little nerdy heart beat fast.

Anyways, the bad guys is called the Vashta Nerada, don’t ask me how to pronounce it because I have never been able to say it! He was the only character at the Comic con that I got so excited about that I almost didn’t ask for a picture. HAHA! I think I even shocked my mom that I personally asked and didn’t get her to ask for me. I have always been a quiet child.

After our walk around the convintion I went on ahead and did my duty and gave blood.


I swear it doesn’t hurt! It was actually the first time that the person sticking a needle into my vein missed it. She had to move the needle around just a little to get the blood. No biggy, and I got an awesome shirt! Which, I do not have a picture of at the moment.

I of course spent a little bit of money on my newest obsession…Funko pop!


Pixel bombed the picture, but she is adorable and allowed to do so.

I had the Walked dead already from a few years ago for Christmas. As well as the Nightmare Before Christmas ones. The rest I got from the Comic Con. I was super excited to find Dancing Groot, because he is adorable. Actually, I was super excited to find all of them! I went a little crazy buying them all. If I had more money, I would have bought more.

I did have a little money left over, and I decided I really needed to do something to the wall above my desk.

For a quick reminder, this is what it looked like before.

Desk 1

I took everything down and bought some shelves. I wanted to display my new toys, because the ones I had before had been boxed up in my closet. I didn’t have a good place to put them. So, since I was wanting to redo the wall above my desk anyways, I got to business. My mom went with me to Home Depot and got everything I needed. At home, my dad helped me put everything together.


Behold my wall of awesomeness and inspiration. You will have to forgive me for the bad picture. I left my camera in my mom’s car and was too lazy to go get it at the moment.

Thanks to my wonderful parents I now have this great place to display my awesome vinyl figures and there is room for more, which I have already put together my wishlist. I might share it with you all one day, since people like to see other peoples wish lists! :)

What do you collect? Have you ever been to a Comic Con? And in the first picture, can you tell me what my shirt is from? Only one person at the convention knew. It saddened me.


The Orders Roll In

I have been trying to build my business for a few weeks now. I have done several projects and even a few request. I am working on a wreath for a friend now.

While the things on my Etsy shop (you can check it out HERE) is not selling too well, I have been getting a lot of cake pop orders and this excites me terribly. I love doing cake pops and I can’t wait to have more orders to fill. Maybe even one day, I can quit my job and just deal with my online store and do cake pops and cakes.

My first order of cake pops was a request from a lady that I work with. She wanted bald man cake pops. Of course, I looked all over the internet to find some kind of guide for it, but in the end I made them my own way.


Hello bald man cake pops! I honestly loved these so much. They came out so perfect! I am not offering cake pops in my Etsy store right now because I have to figure out how to ship these adorable cakes on a stick. But once I figure out a safe way to ship them, I am offering them to the world! Or, you know, to the US.

I have a cake pop order for April and they want minnie mouse cake pops. I am super excited to make them! Then another cake pop order for May for cake pops with cow print.

The best part about it all is that I get to make some just to play with. And once I have made them once, I will be faster at making them the next time. It is so much fun to play around with cake pops and get better at my craft.

While it may not seem like a lot of orders right now, I am excited just to have the few that I do have so far. Soon enough I will have one a week instead of one a month. Hopefully by then I won’t be working so much at my part time job.


Fitness Sunday: Week 3

Fitness Sunday

Well, I can tell you one thing, this week was not a good week for me. Not for staying on track with eating healthy foods. The day usually starts off great! Then, as the day progresses things just go down hill…I end up getting really hungry by time dinner rolls around. Which leads me to eating too much, or snaking before and after dinner.

The good news is, once I get my meals down and eating the right stuff, everything else is going to be a breeze. All but exercise. Another thing that I am struggling with. I have always been able to just hop on the treadmill and walk or jog for a little bit, but with my ankle messed up I can’t jog at all, and walking kills me. Though, I do walk a lot at work and I did a ton of walking yesterday at the SC Comic Con.

While I haven’t lost any weight I have been doing a few things right! Like, taking my vitamins every day. Which, this also leads to me having to eat breakfast every day so I can take them in the mornings. It’s a start…right?

Another area I have succedded in is drinking 3 liters of water a day. I have gone 10 days straight…until yesterday and I didn’t quite make it to 3 liters, but it was very close.I can even see where it’s helping my body. My skin is clearer and smoother. It’s amazing that just drinking a ton of water is helping with my skin issues. Now, if I could just lay off the chocolate, or rather sugar, I could have some radiant skin.

I started using a new app on my phone. It’s not really new and not really new to me, but I started using it again. It’s called My Fitness Pal. I am sure most everyone has heard of it. I kind of quit using my journal that I put together because it wasn’t working for me. But the MFP app is working great for me. I can find just about everything that I eat on there. I can put it in as soon as I eat and I am done. Because of my weight and height I get 1470 calories a day, which I kind of want to change that to 1200.

Of course, I won’t change that until I can actually meet the 1470 calories a day. Yes…I have been having trouble staying under that. It’s horrible I know. But I am working on it. My biggest problem is eating out all the time. Just Friday I had McDonald’s for lunch, and Pizza Hut for dinner. My family doesn’t always eat out like that, but some weeks we eat out a lot.

I guess for this week I am going to try really hard to keep below or right on my calorie count, continue taking my vitamins, drinking 3 liters of water, and get in a few work outs this week. I really want to lose weight and I have all the tools to do so, I just have to build up my will power.

What have been your struggles for weight loss this week?

Pin It Saturday: Every Sentence Has a Purpose

Pin it

Woot! This makes three weeks in a row that I have done a Pin It Saturday. I am getting used to this whole schedule thing and it so helps when I am trying to prepare a weeks worth of blogs so work doesn’t get in the way.

Let’s get into it.

On Pinterest I found a list of 16 rules for writing fiction by Kurt Vonnegut. I am going to be straight up honest with you, I have no idea who Kurt Vonnegut is. After a quick search I found a few of his books and recognized one of his books “Slaughterhouse-Five” Now, I have never read this book, I just remember hearing the name.

HERE you can find some information about him on Wikipedia, because most of that stuff is true…right?

Anyways, here is the image of the information (straight from the article). You should be able to click the image and enlarge it.

16 Rules of Writing Fiction

I don’t want to talk about all the rules, just number 4. Since I have been reading so many more books lately and books by new authors, I have noticed the importance of a sentence, paragraph, or scene. I have noticed that a lot of self-published authors have this issue where something could have been left out, but they kept it for some unknown reason.

Not all of them, and I am not knocking self-published authors. Honestly, I admire all of them and love reading their stories. But it seems that a few have refused the important step of editing their work before they throw it to the wolves. The wolves in this particular scenario is, of course, the readers. Because as readers, we will tear into a piece of work and tell you EVERYTHING that is wrong with your work. I support all indie authors, but I support editing your work too.

As a writer myself, I can see how we can let a sentence slide because we think it’s important. Or…we just can’t stand the idea of cutting up our babies. Maybe we do it for the word count, but in the end, we know it’s better to have quality over quantity. Do parents still teach their kids that?

I challenge all writers to take a closer look at your work. Get rid of the sentences that do not help the progression of the story. Find a new way to say what you want and nix all the fluffy stuff that only bores the reader to death. As a reader, I don’t want to read a bunch of pointless stuff. I want to know all about your characters, I just don’t want to know how they take a shower, unless it benefits the story some how.

Have you ever come across a sentence of a story that just felt like it should have been cut in editing? What about in your own writing, how many times have you had to cut your own words to help the story flow better?


Book Review: Broken

Originally posted on The Reading Bud:

Broken (The Siren Series, #1)

Author: L.A. Griffiths
Release Date: August 22, 2014
Series: The Siren Series
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Edition: Mobi
Pages: 153
Publisher: L.A. Griffiths
Buy it here: Amazon & Other Places


Disgusting creatures invade young Ellie’s dreams dragging her from her home in the dead of night. Shy sixteen year old Ellie take everything that comes her way with gritted teeth, bullies, teachers and most of all, her dangerously confusing powers.

Every day she tries to hide the fact that she cannot touch people without them feeling immediately attracted to her. School becomes a minefield for young Ellie but when she starts having horrifying dreams of faceless creatures she knows she’s in big trouble. She is then thrown into the deep end when she senses something not of this earth watching her from afar. It stalks after her seeking to claim her but will Ellie go without a fight?



View original 686 more words