Show Review: Black Box

black box show

ABC has this new show that comes on Thursday nights at 10pm called Black Box.  Black Box is about a Neuroscientist, Dr. Catherine Black, who suffers from bipolar disease.  She is on medication that keeps her mind level, but she has a tendency to go off the meds.  She claims they dumb her down and without the medicine she can think better.

During the first episode she stops taking the medication twice.  The first time she ends up taking her driver back to her hotel room for sex.  Then ends up on the hotel balcony, standing on the rails, and almost falling to her death.

The second time she has (or almost has, it was unclear) sex with a co-worker, shows up at her fiances home and forces him into crazy rough sex, and after leaving, begins to antagonize a kid on the streets while on the phone with her niece.  Lucky for her, her niece let Catherine’s brother know that something was up and he was able to get to the doctor before she came to any harm.

During the show it is revealed that Catherine’s mother had bipolar disease as well and ended up killing herself.  Catherine was only 7 at the time and it was her brother, who is 5 years older, that looked out for her.

It is also revealed that Catherine’s niece is actually her daughter.

My Opinion

I thought the show had a great pilot episode and the story line could go anywhere.  I enjoyed the first episode, but I am a little leery about the rest of the season.

I feel sorry for Catherine’s brother.  His life has been plagued with bipolar disease.  First he had to deal with it with his mother and now with his sister.  There is also the lingering risk that his daughter, Esme, who was adopted from his sister, could end up getting the same disease.

And then there is the woman who Josh, Catherine’s brother, married, Regan.  This woman made me so bad I wanted Catherine to punch the woman in the face.

Aside from that, I think it’s great that entertainment is shinning a light on a lesser known mental illness.  Though, I had to do a little research myself about the whole thing.

See, Catherine, when she goes off the medication she gets this high.  She is dancing all over the place and is extremely hyper.  I had always thought someone who was bipolar was either just okay or extremely depressed.

After doing a little research I found out that their are two types of bipolar disease.  Bipolar Depression and Bipolar Mania.  Dr. Catherine Black has Bipolar Mania.  Also, I could totally be misunderstanding my research and someone with Bipolar disease could have both types.  If you know, let me know!

I will be watching this show again next week with my fingers crossed.  It has potential to be a great show.  I have been looking for a show to replace House, and this looks like it might fight the bill.

Did you see Black Box?  What did you think about it?

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