My Home Planet


Yesterday I came up with a few questions for the Liebster award.  The last one was “If you were an alien, where would you come from?”  I thought it only fair that I share with you all where I come from.  I mean, it’s wrong for me to ask where you are from without telling you about the wonderful place I come from.

I am from the Pluto galaxy.  Yes, I know that you have a planet called Pluto.  Well, you call it a rock now.  Scientist are almost smart.  See, it’s not a rock, nor is it a planet.  It is a ship from the Pluto galaxy. We have other planets almost like the Milky Way galaxy, which is the galaxy that Earth is a part of…if you didn’t know.  The only difference between my galaxy and yours is that…well all of our planets are actually life sustaining planets.  Earth is the only real planet here.

I shouldn’t be telling you this, but humans should know the secrets of the universe as much as everyone else.  I am tired of waiting for you all to figure it out.  All the planets are space ships.  The Martians are idiots for letting you get so close to them.  Although, they could be just like me and bored with watching the humans struggle.  Your moon isn’t a planet, it’s just a rock.  The sun is just a star, although it’s a temperamental star.

Enough about that, I am supposed to be telling you about my home planet.

Like I said, I am from the Pluto Galaxy.  Your Pluto is only a ship.  We all wanted to watch the Earth flourish and grow because we were not able to see our own planets come to where they are.  We are just observers who sometimes come in to help.  Earth is a beautiful place, but not as beautiful as SwordRiver.  That’s the name of my home planet…in English anyways.  It sounds beautiful in my native tongue, but the human mind is not developed enough to learn it, nor read it.

My home planet is the largest planet in my galaxy.  The Pluto galaxy is also the royal galaxy, we make the rules for all of the planets and galaxies in the universe, and we make sure everyone lives in peace with one another.  Earth will be introduced to all this soon, we are just waiting on your minds to grow so that you can comprehend.

SwordRiver is a beautiful place. Our waters are not blue, they are pastel purple, the deeper seas are more of a dark purple.  Some lakes are closer to pink though.  Our grass is blue, but it looks silver in light of our two moons.  The trees leaves are blue and some even have green leaves, but it is a light, lime green.  In the fall (yes we do have seasons just like you) the leaves will turn almost every shade of the rainbow and even some colors that the human eye can not see.  When they turn teal, they fall to the ground.

We have snow in the winter and it’s just as white as it is here on Earth.  I think that is why winter is my favorite season here on Earth.  It reminds me so much of home.

Our summers are not nearly as hot as they are here.  It’s perfect weather for swimming.  It never gets too hot and it’s not as humid as it is where I live now.  I realize that Earth has many types of summer, depending on where you live.  Where I live you walk outside for a second and you are sweating just from the humidity.

That is all I will tell you for now.  I might tell you more about the other Galaxies later.  There is a galaxy for every planet in the Earth’s solar system.  I can’t wait for humans to be smart enough see what you have all been missing for so long.


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