New Show: Wayward Pines

As I have stated before, my blog is all about the stories! Books, movies, and TV shows…and plays if I can ever afford to go to those. So today I bring you a review of a new show!

This past Thursday on Fox at 9pm a new show aired called Wayward Pines. Even though I have vowed to never watch new shows again…because they cancel all the good ones, I decided I needed to see this one!

This is a mini series and will end after 10 episodes, so at least I know there will be an actual ending I can be somewhat happy with and it stars Matt Dillon

Okay, let me try to go over this quickly without boring you to  death, because the show is not boring.

Ethan Burke wakes up in a strange town after he and his partner are in a car accident. According to the nurse, the only nurse and seeming only other person alive in this hospital, his partner didn’t survive.

He checks himself out of the hospital and finds himself at a bar where he calls his wife and gets free food from the waitress. The next day he returns to the bar but the waitress doesn’t work there, according to the guy sitting at the bar. This is when things start sounding a little off.

Ethan finds one of the people he was sent to find, but the man is no longer alive and was tortured before he died. Ethan makes his way to the police department and lets the sheriff know, who actually doesn’t seem to believe Ethan.

Ethan then finds the other person who he was sent to find. She is alive and well. He follows her home and questions her. According to her, she has been in the town for 12 years, except she has only been missing for a few months.

The lady from the bar shows up again, to save Ethan from the crazy nurse who is prepping Ethan for surgery. Beverly (lady from the bar) tells Ethan she has been in the town for a year, and she found herself there after a wreck in 1999. She seriously thinks it has only been a year, when it has actually been much longer.

So the question is, how can one person think she has been in the town for a year, but has been gone for almost 16 years, and another lady think she has been there for 12 years and has only been missing for a few months? Obviously there is something major going on in this town. But what?

Ethan even makes it to the edge of town to find a fence that goes all the way around the town. Sure, it could be a government experiment, but what kind of experiment can make people think they have been in this town for different lengths of time?

My first impression of this show is…”OMG!! WHAT?!” and “Do I really have to wait a week before I can see more of this?” Yeah, it was pretty good and I love a good mystery.

Did you watch the show? What did you think about it? If you have On Demand with Charter, you can watch the first episode. I am sure there are other places you can watch it as well. But I think if you like a good mystery…you might want to check into this show before it’s gone!


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