What Are You Reading?

Nearly Enough

Hello Friends! Happy Monday. I know..ugh, Monday. But we still have our books to keep us happy!

I didn’t get to the one book I wanted to read this past week, but I did finish Armada by Ernest Cline, and just last night I finished the audio book that I was reading, The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner. Both left me smiling, so I was happy with them. Stay tuned for the book reviews on them!

Moving on to what I am reading!

Shockingly I am only reading one book at the moment. Risuko by David Kudler


Somewhere I read that this could be considered a middle grade book and now that I am over half way through it, I am not so sure. But I have enjoyed it!

This coming week I would like to finish Risuko and start on Red Queen for the re-read.


Then start on the next book in the series Glass Sword.


Fingers crossed that I can get through all of these books this week. I really wish I could read faster. It would make my life so much better…I think. Then again, I could just end up with even  more books on my TBR shelf. Who knows.

The sad part is that Tuesday another book comes out that I must have! And I don’t want to wait to read it…This presents a problem. Help, I’m drowning in my TBR list!

What are you reading??

7 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Reg | She Latitude says:

    I definitely think Risuko is more a Middle Grade novel than a Young Adult one. I finished it the week before the last, I think, and until the end I felt like it reads younger than the typical YA fantasy book. 😛

    • Heather M. says:

      I agree, it reads younger than YA, I just feel like some of the content was more YA than Middle Grade. Although, I was reading Stephen King when I was 12, and this is probably safer for that age group. lol

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