Things have been a little dark around this blog lately. In more ways than one. First, I was gone for a little while and didn’t blog at all. Now, it’s been all about my dad’s passing. Trust me, blogging about it has helped me a ton! But I want to move on to something a little more…different.

Last night American Horror Story was on. I love this show even if I end up hating the season. Really, the best season was the first and not much has been able to stand up to it. This season seems a little promising, but let’s give it a few more episodes.

But the show is not what I am obsessed with. Oh no. There is one thing that every season has had that brings me back to the show more than the show itself. Or rather one person…

I am obsessed with Evan Peters! Maybe it’s because he is the ultimate bad boy…with the whole teddy bear insides. At least that is how I see him. I have loved every character he has played in American Horror Story. I loved him in X-Men and I could spend hours watching him on YouTube doing interviews.

No lie, I want to meet this guy so bad! You know…meet him. Have him fall in love with me. Marry him and have his babies. HA!

But seriously, I want to meet him and see if he is as amazing in person…

Yeah…call me the crazy fangirl, but if any of you knows Evan Peters…let him know I really need some cheering up and he is just what I need. LOL!


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