2014 Reading List

My goal is to read 50 books this year.  Here is an ever growing list of books that I have read this year.  If I have written a book review on it I will link to the review.

Also over to the side, you can see what I am reading at the moment.

  1. White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison
  2. Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison
  3. Witch Song by Amber Argyle (Read on Wattpad)
  4. The Gauntlet by Jamie Harris(Read on Wattpad)
  5. Pale Demon by Kim Harrison
  6. Fayland: The Dark Realm by Anthea Sharp (Read on Wattpad)
  7. Feyland: The Bright Court by Anthea Sharp
  8. Lailah by Nicki Kelly (Read on Wattpad)
  9. Feyland: The Twilight Kingdom by Anthea Sharp
  10. A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
  11. The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan (Read on Wattpad)
  12. Ever After by Kim Harrison
  13. Bite Me Vol. 1 by Tracey H. Kitts (adult fiction)
  14. The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison
  15. Bite Me Vol. 2 by Tracey H. Kitts  (adult fiction)
  16. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (Book Review)
  17. Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken
  18. Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (Book Review)
  19. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer (Book Review)
  20. Storm Front by Jim Butcher (Book Review)
  21. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (Book Review)
  22. Spark by Anthea Sharp (Book Review)
  23. Fool Moon by Jim Butcher
  24. Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall (Book Review)
  25. Ruined by Paula Morris
  26. The Maze Runner by James Dashner
  27. Grave Peril by Jim Butcher
  28. Alice in Zombie Land by Gena Showalter (Book Review)
  29. Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter
  30. The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
  31. The Summer Knight By Jim Butcher
  32. Death Masks by Jim Butcher
  33. The Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison
  34. Looking for Alaska by John Green (Book Review)
  35. The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter (Book Review)
  36. The Death Cure by James Dashner
  37. Netherworld by K.N. Lee (Book Review)
  38. Revival by Stephen King (Book Review)
  39. Blood Rites by Jim Butcher
  40. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
  41. The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
  42. The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

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