Book Review: Delilah Dusticle

Hey hey, what do you say. Look what I have for you today! My latest book review over at The Reading Bud!

The Reading Bud


Author: A.J. York
ReleaseDate: June 1st 2014
Series: Delilah Dusticle
Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Edition: mobi
Pages: 96
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: Author
Buy it here: Amazon


Delilah Dusticle has special powers. She can completely eradicate dust. With her quiver pouch of special dusters, Delilah can run up walls, reaching places others just can’t. As a maid in the Fenchurch-Whittington house, Delilah’s unusual skills soon lead to her being promoted to Chief Dust Eradicator and Remover. Until one day, when a broken heart leads to her powers taking an expected turn.

This is the first book in a quirky middle grade fantasy series. The story entices the reader into a new and magical world that appeals to both kids and adults. The reader can explore how the ordinary in life can be extraordinarily overlooked, how friendship can help you overcome…

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